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Re: Three positives of today

That meme is GOLD @Saltwaterdreamtime ! Mean girls is so iconic *chefs kiss*

Some lil poz for today

1. Just got a coffeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2. Its nice to be out of the house today

3. Enjoyed a funny podcast on my commute


Re: Three positives of today

1. Just went out with my younger brother and grandparents, to the bead shop! I can't wait to make earrings and necklaces! Smiley Happy
2. Jammin' to my favourite tunes, cuz why not?! Smiley Tongue
3. Finally built up the motivation to clean my room! It got a little messy, because I haven't been putting my clothes away. I can't wait to sleep in a tidy room. Smiley Happy
4. My friend is coming over to practice for our talent show next term.
5. I finally got my hangout with my school friends organised, we're going to the arcade next week!
6. Started writing my resume!
7. Found some jobs to apply for, when I finish writing my resume!
8. My Dog, Nala, is being super cute, and she does a big grin when she's happy. Its so cute, even if its just because she's breathing through her mouth. Smiley Very Happy
9. Its Holidays!!!!
10. No assignment stress for 2 whole weeks! well, 1 week now, but still. Smiley Wink
11. my mum dancing to my singing and background music lol XD.
12. Getting better at Keyboard, which is okay. I can't wait to start making my own music covers because of it.
13. Talent show next term, if covid doesn't hit again in qld... Smiley Indifferent
14. Food! I love food!
15. I haven't had another episode, since my last one last term! 3 weeks is now my record. Smiley Happy
16. I'm redrawing my art assignment, but I'm doing digitally.
17. Waiting for some big canvases, so I can eventually paint my art assignment, but in a different form, of paint, glass (mosaic), and glitter! Smiley Very Happy
18. Not fighting with my siblings too much at the moment, which makes it easier to cope with the noise level at home. Smiley Happy
19. catching a good pokemon, even if its only a game. Smiley Happy
and last one, 20: Having a great family, who is willing to be with each other, even if its a huge one, and we want our own space sometimes. Smiley Happy Heart

Re: Three positives of today

1. Early morning wake up this morning thanks to tiny human catching “sharpeedos” and I am one of them. But it meant we were up early for a walk. 
2. Really enjoying the local bird life and trying to identify what’s around

3. Hmm bit too sure yet 

Re: Three positives of today

1. Yesterday we met up with my partners parents at the beach which was super nice. For obvious reasons we haven’t been able to see them for a bit, we met in the morning and then it turned into all dayer with dinner at our place.

2. Little guy caught his first solo wave, normally one of us is on the back of the board but (obviously in the shallow and with everybody standing around for when he came off) I stood him up and let him go on his own. Loved it!! It was the best thing, kept asking to go again. He gets quite anxious at times especially since covid and lockdowns but that was the happiest I have seen him in months. 

3. Making a wetsuit rinsing drying station out of some recycled materials today because I’m sick of rinsing wetties in a bucket and tipping it onto the grass, there has to be a better way, I’m hoping to have an area to clean, rinse and hang them all to dry. This is my concept.... (poorly drawn but you get the idea) 

Re: Three positives of today

1. Exhaustion and just general fed upness nearly took hold of me today and I just wanted to stay in bed but went to work and ended up getting a bit done 

2. After 2 hot days and a super cold today we actually put the fire on tonight... weird hey 

3., Daylight savings has thrown a curve ball to the little dudes body clock but we had a little bit more sunlight before bed tonight to go for a quick energy spend visit to the oval. 

Re: Three positives of today

1. I got to sleep in.
2. I harvested another batch of pumpkins in Animal Crossing.
3. I found a really cool template for some of my notes online. I've saved it but I haven't used it yet.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Felt really happy seeing school kids out and about today!! So nice to see our local schools up and running and the kids at the bus stop near our house. 
2. I’m looking into the process of hiring a staff member after recieving the grant, I’ve started the process today I’m just a little stuck and flustered about it but that’s ok, I feel like I need 5 people not just 1!! 4 others to work with on jobs and an admin officer. Glad we’re busy though so no complaints 

3. had a sleepless night last night really worried about something just really thinking the worst but I feel a bit clearer now 

Re: Three positives of today

So many awesome positives @Saltwaterdreamtime ❤

1. Had a really good chat with my colleague today
2. Had kitty cuddles and purses after having my lunch
3. Watched the rest of the movie I started watching last night,

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Three positives of today

Not three positives but a funny story. I recently bought a secondhand bike off Marketplace. Today I went to pick it up. My partner was parked behind me but in a zoom meeting so I was like oh yeah I’ll take her car, not my ute (first mistake), and then I was like oh yeah might get the little devil out of the house for 10 minutes before either himself or my partner lose their shit. Pulled up to this guys house. Oh shit. Bike probably won’t fit. 
Maybe I can take wheel off. Yes. Wheel off. Can’t put car seats down because.... where’s the kid gonna go? 
So I was like right, I will have to ride it home, really slowly with a 2 year old beside me obviously. Partner couldn’t come get him because I had my own car keys with me too. Dickhead. 
So we made it home. It took a long time. Then I thought I will drop him off and then walk to the car, good exercise, get half way. 
Oh shit. I need a mask while walking these days. My mask is in the car!! 

That’s the story of why I’m walking back to the car with no mask, and definitely in my “comfies” 

because I thought this would be a 5, maybe 10 minute process, and I’m also covered in bike grease, I also thought that whilst walking I would stop at coles, well, can’t do that. Coles is closed. 

Re: Three positives of today

3 positives of today; 


1. went to the gym 

2. completed some uni work

3. took my dog for a walk 

Smiley Very Happy