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Re: Three positives of today

1. Had a nice session with my psychologist today and worked through a painful memory

2. Made a juice and it's so yummy

3. Watched an among us gameplay with AOC in it and it's pretty cute

Re: Three positives of today

1. I ate sour skittles today which are my favourite
2. I finished off some alterations on my thesis today! WOOHOO!
3. I also ate donuts today too hahah Smiley Happy
4. I went for a walk today which I haven't done in a while

Re: Three positives of today

1. We had a bit of rain last night which will help what we’ve just planted in the garden
2. Public holiday/long weekend today, and we’re kid free for the night after this afternoon 
3. Hopefully can jump in and find a wave later

Re: Three positives of today

That is exciting that you're having a kid free night tonight @Saltwaterdreamtime ! I hope it is lovely and relaxing Heart


1. An episode of a podcast I like came out today

2. Getting some washing done, feeling productive!

3. Excited that it's the end of the week and keen to see some friends this weekend.

Re: Three positives of today

1. Caught up on all my uni lectures for this week.

2. Attended a virtual fitness class this morning.

3. Caught up with my family who live in NZ. 

Re: Three positives of today

1. I found a nice new spot to walk my dog around a wetland

2. I tested out my new runners and they're so comfy and fit perfectly!

3. My new perfume arrived in the mail Heart

Re: Three positives of today

I had the best weekend here are some of my positives... 


1. We shipped our little rascal off to his grandparents on Friday night which meant we took advantage and got to eat all the food we can’t eat when he’s around hahaha, never eaten so much seedy bread and hummus 😂

2. On Saturday we celebrated the grand final with my partner and her family at one of the local pubs. Her brother plays for one of the teams and we were quite disappointed by the end of the night so you can probably guess which team 😖
Safe to say our heads are probably a little sore today though, well mine is 🤪

3. T’d up a visit to see my sister, she lives in Melbourne but I am able to visit under care and support as she has autism, covid for anyone is tough but she has had a particularly hard year. And I haven’t seen her in forever. Her carers are having a hard time getting her to leave the house for anything, even a walk, so they are hoping that being able to see me might help. 

Re: Three positives of today

1. Today we got the news that from the 9th of November we can go to Melbourne without for work or caregiving. I think I nearly cried!!! Nearly but I didn’t. I can finally see my family 

2. Got in a really big run this morning 

3. chicken Kievs for dinner went down a treat 

Re: Three positives of today

I just need to add one more positive to yesterday before I my three today. 
- our toddler who will not sit still long enough to do any art/craft/drawing activity and will find any excuse in the book not to do it made a piece of art at occasional care yesterday and then gave it to me. He just drew two lines on a bit of paper and the educator probably spent more time writing his name on it then he did actually making the art work but I’ll take it, cheers dude, not many people give me handmade art work let alone one of such high standard, he even used two different colours! I would post a photo of this magnificent piece but it has his name on it. 

1.  I actually got up really really early this morning and met my friend at the beach again and he made us both a coffee, I’m really enjoying our catch ups we both start work early and then have busy lives after work so it’s pretty cool that we have found a time that suits us both even if sometimes I think I would rather not get out of bed and got to the beach in the dark 

2. start making a bit of progress around my work and the future of that, I’m a bit lost with it all but I’ve got some help and hopefully can start looking at my options for putting another staff member or two on for 2021 there’s a lot more work to this than I ever thought

3. My mentors and I FaceTimed last night and they are so excited to be able to visit in a couple of weeks, they are like we’ll come visit the first weekend we’re allowed and I was a bit overwhelmed because there’s a few people that have said the same thing to us and it’s all a bit unfamiliar and weird being able to see people, don’t want to overdo and go crazy 

Re: Three positives of today

1. Spent the day at a friends property and had pizza from their pizza oven for lunch, super nice day and the weather held up 


2. Our little rascal got on our friends 5 year olds bike (with training wheels) and started riding requiring no help, not even with pedalling, knew exactly what to do, I was like um, so we’re going from a balance/trike with no pedals to full blown riding, in the space of 2 minutes!?
And when my partner grabbed the handlebars to help steer he said “don’t help me...I’m riding my motorcycle” we we’re like 



*but then 5 minutes later yelled “SOMEBODY help me” because he needed to do a u turn, but still.  

3. Our neighbourhood has been filled with kids tonight for Halloween which is kind of nice, we put lollies out the front for them.