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Re: Three positives of today

Have loved catching up on this thread! @Saltwaterdreamtime  your carrot comment made me laugh a lot, Rudolph being v messy eater was a huge hit over here as well


My 3 positives of today: 


1. We painted our study over the break- it was pretty time consuming and there's a few slightly dodgy bits but I'm so happy we did it! The walls had been covered with increasing numbers of random paint samples for months and months...  New colour looks so much better and it was actually pretty fun listening to some music and painting. 

2. Getting all nolstalgic looking at old holiday photos while putting everything back together

3. Scored a free new bike from a neighbour who was chucking theirs out!



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Re: Three positives of today

1. Went for a run this morning for the first time in a few months, did 7km and surprised myself, 5-7 was more of a shuffle but made it. Took the small human with me so I think 7km pushing him is more like running 14. 
2. Had a conversation I didn’t want to have and that wasn’t fun but I’m writing it here because I’m glad it happened 
3. I’m not sure yet

Re: Three positives of today

@Saltwaterdreamtime 7km! You absolutely killed it haha! No doubt pushing the little man around would've been even harder, but it's a great achievement! I bet you felt so relieved after. It can be such a mental challenge during, but the reward is something else entirely! 

It is also great to see you found positives within your conversation, sometimes things are best said out loud Smiley Happy

Have a lovely afternoon!

Re: Three positives of today

@Kaylee-RO And we have to go via the lifesaving club because there is a flashing light he likes to look at, and I completely forgot until we were heading home and he started asking, and I was like uhhhhh fine..... run a bit further just to see this damn light.  

Re: Three positives of today

@Saltwaterdreamtime hahaha aw that is way too adorable! Aren't the minds of little ones just extraordinary, even if it forces another 2km on the trip lol Smiley LOL

Re: Three positives of today

The day they fix the flashing light will be the worst day in the world for
him I swear @Kaylee-RO

Re: Three positives of today

1. Got a 5km run in this morning, and we made sure to go past the flashing light.

2. It’s actually a bit sunny today for the first time in like a week 

3. My partner went back to work in her office today so it’s just the little fella and I, I think we might go on adventure. 

Re: Three positives of today

1. I did an awesome workout this morning despite my body being sore and a little tired! I pushed through and I am super happy Smiley Happy

2. The sun has come back out so I can go for a long walk this afternoon!

3. I'm going out to dinner with workplace friends tonight and it has been a long time since I have had the chance to catch up with them 

Happy Thursday Heart

Re: Three positives of today

1. I went for my second appointment at the podiatrist today, and I had to wear my work shoes so they could see different stuff, whatever, and the podiatrist asked me how long I had them for and I said like 4 years, he said they recommend I get new shoes because they are fucking my feet up because they are so worn( well, I disagree, I was born with bad feet I think it’s both issues) and referred me to the attached shoe shop. I said I can’t get new ones because they are like $300. They did their weird sales tactic and told me to at least try Some on. So I tried some on (and checked what brands they were so I could buy online cheaper, another time) and I said “cool when I have enough money I will buy some but yeah not for a bit” and gave have me a huge discount.... 

A massive discount. So I bought so, my positives are that I got a discount on some really good work boots and I have new shoes ready to start work again on Monday. 
2. No new local covid cases in vic today 

3. so sunny and warm today, been at the beach and for a walk 

Re: Three positives of today

Unfortunately now I have a splitting headache that just will not go away, here are my positives for the weekend....


1. I went for a surf today and also had a swim/surf with the small human yesterday, he is getting more and more confident and I have to hold his hands less (but I still do)

2. Did heaps of shopping and organising of our house. I didn’t do much of that tbh but it’s nice when it’s been done 

3. The weather has been really nice

4. spotted our echidna friend again today, put some water out for it on the nature strip in case it was a bit warm.