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Re: Three positives of today

1. Got to catch up with friends today.

2. Talked to some nice new people.

3. Ate yummy food.

Re: Three positives of today

1. My dad came to my gig.

2. My gig went well.

3. People commented on how awesome my guitar sounded.


My guitar I bought cheap from the music shop, its a fender stratocaster copy. But I put Seymour Duncan 5-2 pickups in it, and its awesome. I also bought a line 6 pod, so I can plug straight into the DI. I'm broke now, but man it was worth it. All up I paid $390 for the guitar and pickups, and $350 for the line 6 pod, and it sounds like I spent thousands of dollars!

Re: Three positives of today

1. I helped one of my friends feel less stressed.
2. Made a plan for the first day of the holidays.
3. Gave my dog a very nice pat.
4. Doctor asking how I was and being really quick.
5. Really liking one of the subjects I may do next year. I was looking into a lot of stuff about it.

Re: Three positives of today

1. I begrudgingly did my home-work today for my psychologist.

2. The Hawks v Cats prelim is on tonight, and my friend is coming over, later in the night, and we will watch the recording. (DONT TELL ME THE SCORE!)

3. I saved up enough money to buy a new pair of shoes.

Re: Three positives of today

1. did the washing yey !
2. baked a cheesecake with a friend
3. played a few hours of super street fighter IV

i love life

Re: Three positives of today

1. Went to the gym - great way to start my friday.

2. Brought some new shoes - who doesnt love alittle retail therapy.

3. Finished my work for the day - a+ for productivity.

Re: Three positives of today

1. did some gardening this morning
2. catching up with a good friend later Smiley Happy
3. we're going to watch a movieeeeeeeeeeeeee

Re: Three positives of today

1. Caught up with my bestie.

2. Had sushi for lunch.

3. Bought a new pencil case Smiley Happy

Re: Three positives of today

1. Watched a few media releases that my supervisor was in.

2. Pistachio & raspberry cake.

3. Took a 45 minute break from study this afternoon and sat in the sun.

Re: Three positives of today

@gail: Pistachio and raspberry cake sounds yummy!!

1. GR sesh Smiley Happy
2. Wore a pretty outfit.
3. Went out.