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Time management :

Hi crew, 


I do enjoy going out but would like to know. How often should one go out for me  I see best times would be after semesters or when there is a long break on he calendar.



Re: Time management :

Hey @BunnyWalks
That's a good question! I guess it can depend a little on your lifestyle
Waiting until semester breaks to go out more can help you stay on track during semester (and is good motivation to get you through exams Smiley Tongue ) but there's nothing wrong with going out during semester!! Just as long as you have a good Life balance going Smiley Happy

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Re: Time management :

Hey @BunnyWalks, I had to edit your post as it breached our guidelines of anonymity. There is no rule or standard on how often someone should go out. It is really up to you and depends on when you can spare the time and how often you would like to go out. Some people prefer to stay at home while some prefer to be out a lot. It is important to still do things you enjoy even while you are studying, so balance is important!  


Re: Time management :


I'm sorry and will be mindful of my post.

Re: Time management :

Hi @ecla

Yas boii even if it's just people watching.

I'll consider the travel time and where I'm at during the semester as well. A calendar can help me too.

Keeping it within reason can help as well social stimulation can be good to me once a month.