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To buy or not to buy my psychologist a gift..?!?

Hey guys ❤


I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to be posting this cause I'm still new and a little confused where/how I should be asking questions but hoping some of you are able to help me! 


I've been seeing this psychologist weekly for almost 6 months now and tomorrow is meant to be my last session for the year cause she goes on holidays and then I go on holidays. 


And I'm feeling super weird about it!!! Like I'm upset about it and something also happened in our session last week that left me feeling let down and upset so I kinda don't even want to go but then I know I won't see her for a few months 😔 Does anyone else struggle knowing their not going to be able to contact their therapist for a couple months? I know I shouldn't be relying on her but at the moment I'm really lonely and struggling not too and I just feel really weird and kind of scared maybe..?


ANYWAY.. kinda off topic! I was just wondering if anyone else feels the need to get their psych a gift? Like especially leading up to xmas to say thanks for putting up with me for the year?! I really want to get her something but don't know what and I don't want to put her in an awkward position either because I know they aren't meant to accept gifts?! 


It's really stressing me out and is adding to me wanting to call and cancel tomorrows session so any ideas or advice is totally welcomed!! 


Thanks 🙃❤

Re: To buy or not to buy my psychologist a gift..?!?

Hi @MB95!

I think you sound like a really caring person to want to get your psychologist a gift! Smiley Happy
In my experience, some psychologists accept small gifts but not super expensive, extravagant gifts or gifts on a regular basis. I know a psychologist who said that she would accept a thank you card at the end of therapy, or a cheap mug or something similar. I once personally gave a medical professional (not a psychologist though) a box of Cadbury Roses which they then shared amongst their staff as a Christmas gift and also because we were coming towards the end of my treatment.
Then again, it could differ amongst psychologists, so it could be an idea to ask her whether she would accept a gift in advance, or whether she has a policy regarding gifts.

Re: To buy or not to buy my psychologist a gift..?!?

Thanks @WheresMySquishy  - I really appreciate your thoughts on this!! 😊


My psychologist was away a couple weeks ago so I saw a different one that sees me when mine isn't in. I asked her what her thoughts were and she said the same sort of thing as you and suggested that my psychologist would be happy with a card. I'm one of those people that feels really weird just giving a card though so I went and bought chocolates this morning to go with it and hoping she'll accept them and if not, I hope she'll just share them round like you mentioned cause I certainly don't need a box of chocolates 😂


I also bought some for the guy that works on the desk cause he's helped me out a bit when things have been bad and I just wanted to thank him and let him know I appreciate it. Is that weird and overboard do you think? Or is it okay? Idk.. it took me an hour thismorning to pick them chocolates and a card because I was freaking the hell out about it all 😔

Re: To buy or not to buy my psychologist a gift..?!?

Hi @MB95 ,


How thoughtful of you Smiley Happy.  As @WheresMySquishy mentioned, many psychologists accept small gifts such as a card or chocolates.  It's not weird or overboard when it's a small gift especially at this time of the year; rather it's a really kind gesture on your part Heart.  However, please don't feel obligated as psychologists and other mental health professionals certainly do not expect gifts from clients.  


Hmm, you're making me hungry for chocolate; I think I'll get some!