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Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I am grateful for my physical health 


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Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful for snacks.

Gratitude Practice

Hi everyone! 

Today in my yoga class the teacher was talking a lot about gratitudegratitudeWe started the practice by setting an intention for the day and holding onto something we were truly grateful for. Then at the end of the session, we reflected back on that set intention and specific gratitude, sitting with a deep sense of gratitude. It was an amazing, heartfelt experience and it made me think about how I can cultivate this into daily life.


Taking out 5 minutes in my day, each day, to reflect upon what I am grateful for is such a special experience.


Further research into this has lead me to understand that just 5 minutes of gratitude journaling or refection can improve your mental wellbeing!!


So I invite you to sit back and reflect on 1 thing you are GRATEFUL for matter how big or small... anything counts!  

Share this gratitude with us all, I would love to read everyone's thoughts and gratitudes within their own lives.  

I will start us off... 


Today I am truly grateful for the sunshine, feeling it's warmth against my skin, shining down upon me. The sunshine warms up my heart and soul and lifts my mood positively. Thank you for the sunshine today.






Re: Gratitude Practice

I am grateful for the forums. ive been here almost 3 years now and despite being scared to join up im so glad I did.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Gratitude Practice

I am so grateful for headspace because they taught me about my anxiety and depression and that it is okay to not be okay. They have given me help when I most needed it and have looked after me like a parent would. I don't know where I would be today without them. 

Re: Gratitude Practice

I'm so glad you made this @statuscaring 


You are 100% correct - spending time thinking about what you're grateful for improves mental well-being. I read a study that said even the act of trying to find something to be grateful about is good for your brain! 


Today I am grateful to have a super warm gas heater to stand in front of on cold mornings! 

Re: Gratitude Practice

@statuscaring it's awesome to see you spreading the word about gratitude. It can be hard for anyone to focus on this topic when the world seems to be moving faster than us. Thank you for this and reminding me to do so as well Smiley Happy


Today I am grateful to be able to study whilst having a delicious lunch. 

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful for a dentist who understands my fears and helps me through treatment

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Gratitude Practice

I like this thread idea, so here's mine!

I am grateful for the amount of sport I got to do today! I had to "analyse energy transfers" in Dogeball and Red Rover, seeing as we finished our unit. Then I had humanities, but I missed most of it due to photos needed to be taken. Then I had HPE after morning tea, and then after lunch, I had gym. I feel so much less stressed and upset after that. I love exercise, even if I did start feeling unwell at the end of the day.

Heheh... I may have ranted on a bit, but today has been pretty good!

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