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ToolBox threads

Hey, guys so I often find these threads sometimes get lost within all the posts of this section and that can make it tricky to know what threads we have for working on our resilience and identifying the good things in life. So I've made this handy table to remind us all! I've tried to place them in order of what would feel easiest when things are feeling difficult for us.


If you're after more distraction or hobby style threads, check out our Hang Out Thread Masterlist instead! Smiley Happy


Distract yourself and have some fun


Name things that you see, feel, hear and smell as a way of connecting to and focusing on the present moment

5 things Grounding game

Identifying and listing who you are to connect with your identityI am...
Find some new wellbeing/mental health apps for your phoneMental health apps
An infosheet about what self-care isConfused about self-care
Every Wednesday, we're going to share a new wellbeing activity with you all. We'll explain what the activity is, and give an example so you can see what to do.Weekly Wellbeing

A HUGE list of coping strategies and distractions to try when life feels tough


A list of strategies for dealing with hearing voices/hallucinations

Ways to cope with voices

A great place to share and find any songs that help lift your mood up when you feel down

Pick Me Up Songs  

Some of your favourite songs that remind you to love and take care of yourself

Self-love Songs  

A place to share something that made you smile

I Smiled Because

A place to share something that made you laugh/ a funny story

I Laughed Because 

Anything you’ve seen or done that during the day that is good. Can be as big as passing a subject or as small as it is sunny

Something good today

A list of three or so positives that happened during the day

3 Positives of today

Share something that you did today for self-care

Today I practised self-care by…

Share something that you have done or seen that you’re proud of

What are you proud of?

Sharing anything that you feel grateful for today or recently

Today I’m grateful for… 

Sharing something that you’re looking forward to

What are you looking forward to?

Reflecting back on your week and picking one or a couple of things that stood out to you

Favourite part of the week

A thread where you feel comfortable sharing your achievements, no matter how small you think they might be! If it made you happy, then it's important

Has Anything exciting happened lately? Share it! 

Take a negative thought, and showing compassion for yourself

Self Compassion

List three things, no matter how big or small, that we like about ourselves

3 Things I like about myself
 Feel like giving love to a fellow user? Look at this thread to compliment the person who last posted! How awesome is that?Compliment the person above you
Continuing the theme of sharing the love, why not share some hugs?Hugs Pass it on

Have you seen an awesome thread or post? You don't need a reason, just the link if you think that user deserves some recognition for their post.

Nominate Someone For A Friday Five

Challenge our negative thoughts through questions

Turning something negative into a positive 

Sharing something (or somethings) that give you hope

What gives you hope
A place to share anything you need to or would like to do during the week

Weekly GOALS

Share your to-do list for today/tomorrow to help remind you and hold you accountable.

What am I doing today?

Is there a topic you want discussed? Feel free to suggest it here.

Suggest a GR Topic


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Thank you all so much! I'm so glad you all like it and found some new threads you weren't aware of, this makes me so happy! Smiley Happy Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

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