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Re: Transitioning into tertiary study; advice for exams, University life, finding something to study

Hey Jake


Thanks for checking back with us on your progress!


I can actually feel the enthusiasm and passion you have in learning new things. Even though you haven't studied for the past 3 years, the extra reading you did could really keep your head in the game. I can actually see the readings you did reflected in your first post (all those anatomy terms!)


There are bridging courses in universities to provide you with a fundamental background on a particular course. Before doing that, decide on which degree you will go for first. Like Lex said, a Bachelor of Science is a great way to start. The degree provides a broad insight into difference science disciplines and as you progress through the degree, you can narrow your interest into specific disciplines like psychology or anatomy. You can apply for a Med in Postgrad. If you not sure you can manage university/medicine/study, definitey start with a degree that doesn't require a high mark to get in and like you said, speak with the university staff.


Also keep that 'I can do it' attitude up! It would really help get you where you wanted to go.


Good luck!




Re: Transitioning into tertiary study; advice for exams, University life, finding something to study

Coming back to this thread I made has always been in the back of my mind for most days. The people here are fantastic! All of the people that have commented have made me feel really positive and excited to pursue my degree.
The advice is just so considerate and gives me strong indications that people believe in me and make me really want to go for my dreams with all that I have. I cannot thank you enough!(you being everyone who has commented on my cause and everyone who continues to add their valued and much appreciated input into this very thread!)

Doris, the advice you are giving me to go into science sounds like a really great idea. In my previous schooling I never did much science. But this doesn't mean I'm not going to venture into this area that is in so many ways fundamental to a medical degree. Medicine simply is a science!
I'll definitely keep this in mind, and thank you for your input in that regard!

The next step would be to go to a university at some point and speak to a careers counsellor about doing a science degree. I can see why you suggest this. As I have been out of study for some years maybe going straight into a more difficult discipline in medicine might not be the best choice right away (but not to say forever!), if I was to go into a degree like science or perhaps a bachelor in social work (something else I thought would be a good complimentary degree) would be a good starting point, so I can get a feel for University, adapting to the independent study that comes with a University degree and what ever else comes with studying Universities.

Don't worry Doris, that can do attitude is something that is going to stand right by my side for the term of my long life.

Looking forward to hearing from you again!