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UNI Applications

Hey guys.


So it’s that time of year again when this year’s graduating year are looking at uni courses and starting to apply. Some know what they want to apply for, or like me don’t really know where they want to go.

I've tried to not put too much pressure on myself, but I need to write a page on why I should be accepted for CSU, and I don't want to be pressed for time to get that done. I've kind of told myself that I WILL gifure it out. And well, I'm thinking and thinking, but maybe others' experiences will help me out a bit.


I can only get in through early entry or the principals recommendation. I’m applying for UC (Canberra) and CSU (Charles Sturt) and applications are due 2nd September…

The thing is I’ve no clue what I want to do, or what course I should apply for. I know I can change it after (if) I get into uni, but I’m feeling stuck.


So I would like to know, from those who are in uni, or completed uni, what you first applied for and whether you changed your course after you got there. Was it hard to decide on what to pick? If so, how did you decide?

Another thought is whether I should apply for two different courses or the same one at both uni's


Ahh the decisions.


Thanks guys Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: UNI Applications

Hey Bee!


Oh I remember this well. It can feel like a really huge decision, and made especially difficult when you don't know what you want to do.


Here's how it went for me:


what you first applied for

I first applied for Biomedical Science, which I got into. I thought I might want to study medicine, but had no intention of putting the pressure on myself to get into med from year 12, so my plan was to get as much out of biomed as I could, so I would have a good chance of getting into post-grad medicine. This way, if I changed my mind about medicine along the way, I'd still have an undergraduate degree.


whether you changed your course after you got there


I did one year of biomed before changing into a straight science degree, paried with a diploma in languages (spanish). I decided that I could still apply for medicine after having finished science, but if I didn't want to, I certainly didn't want a degree in biomedical science, which would really qualify me to work in a lab, which didn't appeal to me at all. I probably won't finish the language diploma, and will end up majoring in environmental science when I finish next year. After I graduate, I'm thinking of doing an apprenticeship as a chef Smiley Happy Changing your mind is a-okay, and so common for young people. Heaps of my friends changed their degrees too.


Was it hard to decide on what to pick?

I think when I was in year 12 I was pretty certain about the path I wanted to take, but the uncertainty for me came along once I was at uni. But I still don't know what to do, and I'm okay with that Smiley Happy


If so, how did you decide?

 I think it's important to choose something that you enjoy, and are really interested in. I know people who chose degrees based on prestige, or what they thought other people expected of them, and ended up having a really hard time finding the motivation to keep at it, and didn't enjoy uni at all. Luckily they changed degrees to things they enjoyed and were more suited to Smiley Happy


Good luck, and try not to stress too much. It's certainly not the last decision you'll ever make, and you're never locked into anything.

Re: UNI Applications

Thanks for replying Georgie!
Wow, I find it intriguing how much you've changed. And your plans! Good luck.

I've tried to base my decision on what I'll enjoy, though I'm totally stumped on what I WILL enjoy. I'm either not looking in the right place on the UNI websites or I'm blind because I'm struggling to find what the course is really doing... ha.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: UNI Applications

what you first applied for 

I applied for a double degree in psychology and health, and got in. I knew that I wanted to study psychology, but had really enjoyed PDHPE through years 11 & 12, and had been good at it, so I decided to apply for a double degree to give myself choice if I decided I was more interested in the health than psychology subjects at uni.


whether you changed your course after you got there

After six weeks in my first year of uni, I ended up withdrawing on medical grounds and taking the year off to concentrate on my health. When I went back the next year, I transferred into a straight psychology degree.


Was it hard to decide on what to pick?

I didn't find it particularly hard - I always knew that I wanted to study psychology.


If you're not sure what to apply for, maybe take a look at what school subjects you enjoy the most. Check out the uni guidebooks (mostly online) and find out what subjects you can take within the courses you're looking at, and what appeals most to you. If you're completely unsure, you can always apply for/enrol into a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and take some random units to help you work out what you want to do. Also remember that you don't have to go straight from school to university! If you're not sure what you want to do, maybe spending some time working could give you some more clarification as to what you're interested in. My older sister finished school and went straight into the workforce, and it wasn't until she was 24 that she worked out what she wanted to study, and is now working and studying part time. There's no set path to take Smiley Happy


Good luck!

Re: UNI Applications

what you first applied for?
i chose RMIT uni in melbourne over Ballarat uni and im almost finished YAY!!!!!


Was it hard to decide on what to pick?

it was soo hard to pick cause some of my friends went to ballarat but RMIT had better facilities. also i went to uni straight after school but i had been accepted into both with garenteed entry before my antar score came out. 


If so, how did you decide?

i chose RMIT because I wanted to take public transport there instead of driving,

but now i might be going to ballarat uni after all to do an honours degree  

Re: UNI Applications

what you first applied for: Bachelor of Science, and a heap of different science based degrees. I have now finished my Bachelor of Science. 

whether you changed your course after you got there. As I said, I have finished my BSc, but my major changed significantly from what I thought I would do. Originally, I thought I'd major in maths then changed my mind to biology and finally psychology which is what I stuck with! 

Was it hard to decide on what to pick? If so, how did you decide? Not really. I only did maths and science in high school so I always knew I'd pick something "scienc-y" and I wanted to keep my options open which is why I chose a BSc because you can major in so many different things. Honestly, if you are not sure but still want to go to uni, I'd recommend applying for a BSc or Bachelor of Arts as you can major in so many different things and then swap at a later date. My brother did that with his BA as well!  


I also always wanted to go to the University of QLD, because it has a REALLY good reputation, my brother was already there and he loved it and it was also fairly convienient. Smiley Happy 


Good luck picking! Don't get too stressed over it, lots of people change their minds! Smiley Happy

Re: UNI Applications

Hey Bee Smiley Happy

what you first applied for?

I applied for Chemical Engineering at UNSW. TO be perfectly honest I really had no idea what I wanted to do, and looking back on it now, the majority of people don't minus a lucky few. How I came to that decision was based on what I was good at and also what I enjoyed doing, which was chemistry, maths and physics.


whether you changed your course after you got there?

After a year I changed my degree to Materials Engineering. Why the change? I really didn't have much of a clue as to what a engineer did, let alone a chemical engineer. All I knew at this stage was that I wanted to be an engineer. So I applied at various places for internships so I'd be able to grasp what engineers actually do in real life (it's vastly different to what they teach you in uni!) and got offered one in materials engineering.


Was it hard to decide on what to pick?

Initially, picking was quite hard as I not only had no clue about what I wanted to do in the future but also there was pressure from my parents to do certain things as well, which didn't appeal to me at the time.


 If so, how did you decide?

I just thought up what I enjoyed and was good at and compared that to the different courses offered to find the best fit.


Looking back on it, I think it's best to choose a relatively general field that you are interested in and then specialise once you're in it and have gained more of an understanding of what different things actually involve. Also when it comes to work I've found that what you do at uni is vastly different to what you will actually do on the job. So if possible get work experience asap or talk to people within the field.



I hope that helps Bee

Re: UNI Applications

Hey bee,
Ohhhh wow I remember the stress of uni applications so well
What I first applied for
Chemical engineering at UNSW
WHether I changed
Well my situations was a bit complicated, and a had a lot of mental health issues start during first year at uni, so I didn't change my course per say, but I did have to take some time off, and I did mess with my schedule a lot, so now while I'm still enrolled I've taken a few semesters at half load, half doing a research project, and this semester I'm doing no classes and just doing research, so I'm defiantly not doing a typical degree!
Was it hard/how did I decide
For me it wasn't that hard, I known basically since I started school that I was going to do something math and sciency at uni, and I had a reputation at school, for being the most math and sciency person there ( out of a very geeky school) so I chemical engineering because I looked both math, physics and chem a lot and wanted something that combined them, but I didn't want to study straight science so engineering. Choosing the uni was harder for me, but I found going to the open days, just to get a feel of the campus super helpful.

Also a story I'd like to share with you, in NSW you get to change your preferences up until early January, once you know your marks, on the very very very last day to change preferences, my friend was still deciding between arts, commerce or international law, and had no clue what uni she wanted to go to. I also had a friend who switched from commerce engineering at one uni to psychology law at another! So you really do have *tons* of options to change,

Re: UNI Applications

Thanks guys! Smiley Happy


All your responses has helped heaps. I've been doing a LOT of thinking recently about which course I want to apply for and what I might want to do.


I've read all your information and found the main underlying message is do what I love, enjoy, am good at.

I retraced my work experience steps from yr10, and rememered how much I loved work experience at the primary school...


I'm still not 100% sure. I know I'm doubting myself here with this course and the career outcome, but I know that's just because of things that have happened...


At this stage I'm looking at applying for Bachelor Education, I might combine it with an Arts degree but not totally sure yet. But I'll do some more research on the courses and go from there. As for deferring and what not, I guess I'll make that decision closer to the dates, as I really have no clue what will be best for me at this stage.



Alt-emily: Yes I know about hte changing preferences, our careers adviser has made that very very clear Smiley Happy


I'll keep you guys updated on my choices Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: UNI Applications

On the note of deferring, I deferred when I first got into uni. I was originally going to defer for 12 months but got bored so started uni mid year. So that's always an option too! If you think about it, you finish year 12 in November and if you defer for one semester you don't start til July the next year - that's like 8-9 months off! Which is HEAPS! So that's always an option too. Smiley Happy