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Re: UNI!!

The first week of uni was a very daunting experience for me and I definitely felt very out of my depth. I talked to a lot of people in that week but I found that you find your group of friends very naturally. It's more than likely that you won't find them in the first week but it'll be more of a gradual process over the semester/year.
Navigating the campus was another big thing - but I found that a lot of the staff were very accommodating in the first few even if you get lost its not a big thing.
I think the biggest thing is to be open to everything...get new people...join in different activities. Smiley Happy It's a very fun and exciting time Smiley Happy

Re: UNI!!

My Advice with uni is to focus on the here and now.

It great to try and get ahead with your work or assessments, but don't beat yourself up over getting behind. I am a person that seems to be doing my assessments up until the day they are due, frankly because assessments sit back to back. You move from one to the next.

Sometimes there are unrealistic expectations of how much one can possibly read for a weeks worth of work for one subject and then mulitplying it by 4. I have learnt to read what I think I will benefit most from, or read up on things I haven't read before. Textbooks are always a great start over recommended readings.


Also using your session breaks are great opportunities to knuckle down and catch up.


So just do what you can to the best of your ability. Don't sweat the small stuff & give yourself a break everynow.

After all the uni work and assessments will all be waiting for you the next day...Smiley Wink



Re: UNI!!

I agree with the getting to much reading bit. In first year I tried to read all the stuff they told me and I went mad. I was reading so much and I wasn't retaining it because there was so much. I cut back so that the stuff I did read I remembered well And was able to use it in assignments

It is a fact at uni that you will get stressed about assignments and some people do it more than others. No one can fight stress and when we do it can either take away from our studies or it can make us more stressed. I find it best to acknowledge that it is there and then mentally put it to the side.
It really works for me

Re: UNI!!

I started uni this year and it was a BIG change from year 12. The hardest part is managing your own time, and being motivated enough to go when you're feeling down. The assignments are a lot bigger, but you get a lot more help to do them. If you're feeling down, it's important to go and see the university counsellor as soon as you can, because failing to address problems can get you into big trouble further down the track (from what I've heard).

Re: UNI!!

I took a gap year after high school so I had quite a while to prepare myself, but I still found myself in a totally different and unfamiliar world once I started. 


During my first week I remember making friends pretty quickly, found the best places to eat, get coffee and read and just enjoyed the new sense of freedom. Really the freedom was one of the biggest things to get used to since high school is so different. The work quickly accumulated and that got stressful, but making friends early on helped as we were able to help each other out. 

Re: UNI!!

I am now on mid sem break (already!!!) and thought I'd check in and see how everyone is going? 


I hope for all the first years you are surviving and use the break to catch up on some work and treat yourself for surviving so far! 


It is so tempting to stay inside especially now it's colder and ignore all the work piling up but I'm trying to learn from previous years and get started on some essays so I don't get overwhelmed later in the semester. 


Smiley Happy