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US Election

So the US Election is well and truly underway this week. It’s not certain when the result might be known, it could be in the next day or two, it could take a couple of weeks. It’s been truly the most turbulent year globally and the state of US politics is continuing to induce feelings of fear and unrest in people around the world.  With all this uncertainty, we want to make sure there is a space on the forum for people to share how they’re feeling.


If you would like to share, tell us what kind of impact is the US election having on you?


The results of the election are weighing heavy on a lot of minds, particularly those from marginalised groups who are potentially facing further discrimination and injustice. This can be stressful and scary for many of us and the people we love, have you got any coping strategies to share for managing these feelings? 


It would also be really cool to chat about what kind of ways we can collectively get involved to make positive change. Regardless of the outcome of the election, what are some ways we can engage with our communities to work towards the sort of world we want to live in?


We’re not trying to encourage a political debate on this thread, but rather allow people to share their feelings, how they’re coping and what we can do next. We encourage everyone to reach out to your supports if you’re feeling distressed and check in with how you’re going. You can also check out this article on dealing with bad world news to learn about why news affects us and for tips on switching off.



Re: US Election

Thanks so much for this post, I've been glued to the news all day and while I've been trying to tear myself away in the interests of self-care, I'm too terrified to do anything. Heart

Unfortunately for me I know my OCD likes to hook onto these things. I remember in 2016 I was trapped in thoughts like 'if I do this/ don't do this, then the wrong person will win'. I somehow blamed myself for the result, even though I'm Australian and could have done absolutely nothing to influence it. This time I feel like I'm better in terms of OCD, so I'm more in control of recognising that my actions have no control over any result. Still doesn't help the fear, though. Smiley Sad Luckily I have a ZOOM meeting today so I can tear myself away from the news for just a few hours. 

In 2020 I've volunteered in so many places and am so proud of myself for helping to create the kind of world I want to live in. I'm not afraid of advocating and sharing my voice on things that really matter to me! I'm also really inspired by the power of young people, and what we can do now to help make the world a better place for the decades to come.

Re: US Election

@Hannah-RO  thanks for creating this- I was going to say, a lot of self-care techniques surrounding COVID-19 news media might be useful here! Like engaging in our communities and supporting them whilst taking a step back when you need too!

Re: US Election

Hey @Hozzles 

So sorry that this has impacted your OCD, glad it's not as bad as last time but still, that must be exhausting, how are you feeling today?


That is so cool to hear that you've done heaps of volunteering this year, you absolutely should be super proud of yourself. And I agree, young people have mobilised collectively in the most incredible, inspiring ways, it's so powerful to witness. 

Re: US Election

This is a really important topic! My dad is one of those people who thinks he's in the 51st state of the US and is always on top of things Smiley LOL but even he's getting sick of it. 


I don't think the US election is really affecting me too much, except for the fact that I have friends who live over there who I don't think my parents will ever let me see if Trump gets back in Smiley Sad I obviously worry about them with COVID too, and it frustrates me to see them stuck with honestly such a crap country that they want to be proud of but can't.


I think it is really important to say that we really have no control over this, or even over when we'll finally learn the news of what the result is. I think sometimes you need to just delete the news app, refuse to go on facebook, tell your friends you don't want to talk about it until you get the result. That's probably as much control as you can have over the whole situation, particularly when you're in another country.


I think there's a lot we can do to help those around us even if it's just our friends! It's so important to have faith in humanity at the moment. Volunteering like this on a website I also think is great Smiley Very Happy 


@Hozzles I'm so sorry to hear about how stressed it made you back in 2016. I'm glad to hear that you've been able to channel your energy into productive things though! It's awesome that you've been doing volunteering because honestly, being able to make a change in the people around you for the better is enough Smiley Happy

Re: US Election

Hey @StormySeas17 ! 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feels Heart 

The worry about covid in the US is really full on, hopefully things are able to be more controlled soon. Have you spoken to your friends in the US in the last few days?

I also totally agree that removing yourself is a great option. I deactivated my facebook about 2 weeks ago and feel V free!

Volunteering on a website is definitely an awesome way to make positive change - and we're delighted you're here Cat Very Happy

Re: US Election

What kind of impact is the US election having on you?

Not much 


Have you got any coping strategies to share for managing these feelings?

I limit myself to reading only headlines of articles


What are some ways we can engage with our communities to work towards the sort of world we want to live in?





Re: US Election

@Hannah-RO I'm in contact with them everyday! One of my friends was told to go back to work in person and the very same day one of her colleagues kept coming in close contact with her without a mask. She then found out that his ex wife and kid just tested positive for COVID. So not a good story on her side Smiley Frustrated But I'm hoping with the way the election has gone that I'll actually be able to visit them someday!


I stay off tumblr funnily enough because it's very politically charged Smiley LOL I follow a lot of silly groups on Facebook and cute stuff on instagram so I'm so far okay with being connected, but I'm so glad you're reaping the benefits!


And you too! Heart