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Hello my name is Emily. I was here months ago, about my fear of relapsing into depression and feeling weird at work cause I'm not used to it. Well I got used to. Everything is good but I still feel like there is something wrong but I don't know what. It's giving me paranoia. Is this just what happens when your not used to not worrying or what? PLEASE HELP!! 

Re: Uncertainty

Hey @Clarke, we're here to listen and provide peer support you are not alone Heart


When you say "you feel like there is something", can you describe the feeling to us? Are there any things that come up in particular in your life that bring the feeling on? I will tag some members too Heart @Bee @DruidChild @N1ghtW1ng what are your thoughts? 

Re: Uncertainty

Hey @Clarke, thanks for reaching out again Smiley Happy 


In my experience, if you've been unwell for a long time, when things start improving it can definitely feel very weird and unfamiliar at first! It's like your brain isn't used to feeling okay so it interprets that as something being wrong. Does that sound similar to what you're going through, or is it more like something else? 


I also wondered if you had anyone in your life - GP, counsellor, friend or family member - who you felt comfortable talking this through with? Starting a new job is a big change and it could help to have a chat about how it's affecting you. 


Here to listen Heart

Re: Uncertainty

Hi yes. That's exactly how I feel. Thankyou for replying. I have my mum but she's away at the moment 

Re: Uncertainty

@DruidChild Hi yes. That's exactly how I feel. Thankyou for replying. I have my mum but she's away at the moment

Re: Uncertainty

Thanks for clarifying @Clarke, that can be a difficult feeling to deal with. When it happens to me, I always feel like I should be happy that I'm doing better - but actually, it's so unfamiliar that it makes me anxious! I'm glad you're able to talk to your mum...perhaps you could make a plan for chatting to her when she gets back? 


One of the things I find most helpful is distraction. Is there anything that you enjoy doing that you could focus on when you're feeling this way? 

Re: Uncertainty

@DruidChild I like watching t.v . That seems to help me take my mind off it

Re: Uncertainty

That's something that works for me too @Clarke Smiley Happy What tv shows have you been watching lately? (I might be totally off base, but is your username from Clarke Griffin by any chance?)


I wondered how you're doing today?



Re: Uncertainty

Hi @Clarke


I totally understand that feeling. I think it's anxiety or the 'it's too good to be true' feeling. Like when I walk outside of the house fully knowing I checked the stove and locked the doors but when I'm outside I start panicing on whether I've locked the doors or not. 


I think it's our brains are always on high alert, thinking something bad will happen even though nothing will occur. I've noticed my brain has slowly calmed down gradually after some time. The more you get use to things being okay I think your brain will follow. 


I'm sorry that you are experiencing that, hang in there! It's always good to talk about your feelings so anytime you feel like that, please make a post! 

Re: Uncertainty

I've been watching The Big Bang Theory . Yes it's Clarke Griffin. I love the 100 😊