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Re: Uni Student Support Squad

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, I just wanted to respond to your question about art therapy, because I know you’re exploring that as an option.


So I’ve done a bit of (very basic) research into this, and there’s a good chance you know most of this already, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Essentially art therapy is a postgrad qualification, so you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent - so if you want to head into this field, it may be advisable to finish your current degree, or you could get another degree if you feel that’s the best option for you. After you graduate, you will need to register with what is currently called the Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association (ANZATA), however from current information, it would appear that they are amalgamating with another organisation... so it could be useful to check out their website - I’ve linked the page which gives the details of the degrees which are approved for registration.


There are so many different applications of art therapy across a wide range of different populations. Did you have any idea as to who you wanted to work with (kids, adults, elderly, end of life)? I would imagine that as part of your course you would have placement experience across a variety of settings, and you would work out what you are more comfortable with.


But of course this is only just one option of a possible career pathway. I have confidence you’ll be great at whatever you choose to do. Smiley Happy


Re: Uni Student Support Squad

@mrmusic I'm also doing okay. I feel like I am in the same boat as @Birdeye in feeling that I am capable of doing what I need to do but not feeling as confident as I was at the start of semester. 

I've noticed that at the start of last week I've been procrastinating but still keeping my head afloat. How are you travelling with your studies, @mrmusic?

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

Hey @ryvb3, my studies are sort of okay sort of not. I’ve got a 3000 word lit review due in about 3 weeks which I’m having trouble starting, and I’ve got another assignment due the previous week. Ugh. But my prac seems to be going okay at the moment. I can’t wait until I have a break! Thanks for asking. Smiley Happy

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

@Lola-RO it's more the nature of my course, being an education degree, the rules for teachers are likely to keep changing so depending on how long I put it off, the requirements might change. And because people can never make up their minds, there's unlikely to be any idea of what changes there are.

@Birdeye I got one nice response that did mention there isn't much work but also getting a degree in fields of pysch or education (education is what I'm doing) is a good start and then doing more to specialise.

The biggest problem I've identified is that I can't "see" the future, a better way might be planning for it. I can say that oh yeah I'll finish my degree and then do a certificate or whatever but I can't see that far ahead. It's really hard for me to do that. Second is whether or not I'll actually pass my placements...
I think my plan is to do next semester, see how I go on the placement and if I survive, then keep going but if it's terrible then try to pass it and do something else. I just wish I could be happy with that decision, but I can't even see that far ahead so it's not going to be a very pleasant year future-career-planning wise.

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

Also thanks for the info @mrmusic Smiley Happy

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

Hey @N1ghtW1ng how are you doing today? Also it’s my mums birthday tomorrow


Re: Uni Student Support Squad

Good luck getting through those assignments @mrmusic. Have any strategies you're using to tackle them?

@ryvb3 As long as we keep ourselves afloat, then I think we've got this!

Glad to hear you've come up with some sort of plan for now, @N1ghtW1ng. Wondering, did you ever think about studying psych? Since her reply mentioned education or psych.

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

@Birdeye Right now I’m feeling very sick so my number 1 strategy right now is to get decent rest. But I’ve been my assignments down into tiny steps, and it seems slightly more manageable, but still looks like a mountain right now. If I keep plodding along (after resting up) then I’ll get through.


How are you going with everything?

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

I hope you get better soon @mrmusic! I hate being sick with assignments are around, because it's never big enough sicknesses or convenient to go for medical certificates and extensions, but still leaves me not really wanting to do any work.

I posted in the negative-positive thread about this one assignment I'm currently doing that's late. The good news is that since posting that I have actually started it! I've divided it into 3 parts, and am feeling confident in it getting done tonight.

Then I just have one essay to prepare for, and then it's exam prep time. So once this assignment is sent in, I'll be going okay with everything.

Re: Uni Student Support Squad

Hey @Birdeye, I hope you’re going well with this assignment! Sending you good vibes! Smiley Happy


I’ve got two more assignments before the end of semester, and I’m already freaked out. One is due in a week, and the other in two weeks. The latter one in particular is the lit review and I’m already wondering how I’m going to get it done. I’ve broken it down into small steps, and found a few sources, but given it’s an ‘open ended’ lit review (ie. you need to formulate you own topic to research), it’s quite hard! I’ll be grateful when it’s over.