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Hi everyone, whether you are in regional Victoria, metro Melbourne, or maybe not even in the state and finding the COVID restrictions tough I wanted to say something. 

Its really tough at the moment, and some of us are on the brink. For lots of people the announcements today are disappointing but for others it means people are able to sit outside in a park with their family and that could mean the world. 


I’m in regional Victoria and I was upset by some of the announcements. Even though we have been lucky enough to have relative freedom for the last 4 weeks in regional it doesn’t make the unknowns easier. People are making comparisons about how lucky we are and I agree, but it’s still tough. 

Even though I saw it coming I won’t be able to see my mentors, who are my family to me quite possibly a long time still, they are in metro Melbourne, I don’t know if we will have a Christmas with them, I haven’t seen them for months. We are missing out on things that weren’t even on our radar a year ago, little things. No birthdays parties, no visits to the city for a day out, no Sunday lunches with the family which we used to do a lot, no activities or social groups most are still closed, just being allowed to attend an appointment with my partner is like I’m asking somebody to cut their left arm off.


I’m feeling really flat, disappointed and sad today, and perhaps grieving what we used to have, when we could just go somewhere, no booking required, no masks, no time limit, no person limit - you want to visit this person, go ahead! 

My work is so up and down at the minute while my partner is flat stick working from home supporting people who are struggling and can’t fit it all in.


It’s hard to put a positive spin on something, as much as we try to, it’s hard when it feels like we are just being given dog treats to keep us happy for a minute. 

I let myself be annoyed and sad for a minute, and then I went outside, and took our toddler for a walk. We saw the ducks at the “creek” near our house, which usually resembles a puddle with overgrown plants but with all this rain had water in it. And he chased all the seagulls away from us while we tried to sit and eat at the oval. 


And I started think about how he has been the little bit of light that has gotten us through this, creating fun and laughter in our house and full of joy no matter what, embracing the small things like the pop of the toaster at 6 in the morning which turns into a dance, or the mail man driving past on his motorbike.


I hope you can find your little bit of light to get through the next couple of weeks, and hopefully all of my friends in Melbourne can get some more eased restrictions soon, and maybe we can all have a nice Christmas with our families. 



If you want to share your little bit of good that’s gotten you through to now please share.

We will get through this. 


Re: Victoria...

Hi @Saltwaterdreamtime - thank you for the gorgeous words and making me smile that little bit today. Im in metro Melbourne and I think share the similar frustrations of todays announcement. Im trying really hard to see the light in what was announced and keep my head up. Im a retail worker and was so disheartened to hear that we still need to wait a few more weeks for that. Financially, I have a lot of stress and anxiety at the moment as im not eligible for any of the government aids.

My little bit of good each day has been my walks - Ive tried to get out in the sunshine and put on a podcast and just try and turn off all the anxiety and financial stress of the current times. Those walks in the sunshine have been my little bit of good at the moment.

Im so tired of hearing everyone else is Australia say 'chin up' or 'itll be over soon' as they get to live their life relatively normally - what id give to be able to just work again, to go for a drive, to do any of lifes luxuries. Keeping finding good in your days 💕

Re: Victoria...

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime and @Wolfie_, I’m in metro Melbourne as well and I agree that it has been really really tough. I’m starting to feel more positive about things because I feel like the end really is in sight. Whilst it can be incredibly difficult to stay positive after being in lock down for so long, I’m finding solace in the fact that the case numbers have dropped significantly and hopefully we’ll be living relatively normal lives soon enough. Hang in there! 


Re: Victoria...

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime 

I'm in Sydney right now so I definitely can't truly understand just how hard it must be for you! But, I want to say your words are so encouraging. I get what you mean though. It gets harder to try and find something to cling to when it seems that this whole situation is lasting forever. I am so proud of you for finding what that little something (or in your case, someone) was, that keeps you going and happy even in really hard times. 


It can get hard, but I believe in everyone! I love your message @Saltwaterdreamtime. We will all get through this! Little things might only be little things, but they add up and can really make all the difference! Heart


Re: Victoria...

Hi @Saltwaterdreamtime,
I am in metro Melbourne and I am kinda happy with today's announcements. Well I guess I'm that person who will be happy with only a little improvement on the restriction because I've been staying at home alone with my cat, with no talking with any human being face-to-face since quarantine started at Melbourne.
Well I would say the positive side of quarantine is I spend a lot of time with my cat. I was not in Melbourne from December 2019 to Jan this year, so I asked my friend to take care of my cat. But I think my cat was kinda abused... he becomes so sensitive and got sick because of stress reactions. Well I think at least quarantine makes me spend more time with him and taking care of him.

Re: Victoria...

Hey @Macaria, it sounds like you are trying to make the most out of a not-so-great situation which can be really difficult. Have you been able to chat to some family and friends online during quarantine?

It is also really sweet that you are able to spend some quality time with your cat. It sounds pretty concerning that you think your cat may have been abused though. Have you thought of taking him to the vet for a check up? They might be able to give you some tips on how to make him feel more safe and cared for too Smiley Happy