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Videogame suggestions!

Hi guys! 

I'm on the hunt for a game to play!

Let me know what your fave games/recommendations are! 

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Re: Videogame suggestions!


Crash Bandicoot - remaster.

Spyro - remaster. 

Lego Games (star wars, harry potter, marvel, jurrassic world).

Halo series. 



The Sims. 

Humans Fall Flat. 


Assassins Creed. 


They're all pretty good games. They can be played across different platforms - pc, ps4 and xbox. Some even on Nintendo Switch.  




Re: Videogame suggestions!

Love this thread @missep!

I real loved Ark: Survival Evolved! It's like minecraft survival but with dinosaurs and better graphics! So much fun and a ton of different maps- very challenging and you can play multi-player with a split screen which I love Smiley Happy

Other games I enjoyed: Red Dead Redemption 2 was good- quite a long story line so plenty of things to do. Star wars battle front was also fun, particularly to play with friends.

Must confess, I still have minecraft on my phone and play it every now and then - always fun!

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Re: Videogame suggestions!

oh my goodness I'm obsessed with Overcooked. My boyfriend and I finished Overcooked 1 and 2 within a couple of days! I love the Sims too it's such a good game. You've listed some that I've never heard of before like Humans Fall Flat and Divinity!


Re: Videogame suggestions!

Hi @Jess1-RO !
Ark sounds so cool! Survival games are actually really fun especially since it's back to the basics!
I heard the map in Red Dead 2 is so huge!!

Re: Videogame suggestions!

@missep Humans Fall flat is hilarious and good to play with a friend. If you get a chance look it up. It's a fun co op game which you can play split screen!


Re: Videogame suggestions!

Hi @missep! If you like Overcooked, you might also like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Snipperclips because they're also good co-op games. By the way, I love Overcooked 1 and 2 too!

Another good series we like to play when friends are over is the Jackbox Party Pack! Some of the games need at least two players and some need at least three. We also like playing the PS4 Playlink games as a group or pair.

I remember playing the original Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games. I was so excited when they were remade! I'd recommend them because I think they are pretty good value and you can replay them again and again.

My sister and I love the Sims too!

What consoles do you own?

Re: Videogame suggestions!

Journey, Flower and Flow.

All three have gorgeous art, and I love Journey's story line and game play. 

Re: Videogame suggestions!

Great suggestions @WheresMySquishy !
I own a switch, playstation 4 and 2ds xl!
I hope they make sims 5 one day! I'm still waiting.

I've heard of Journey @Tiny_leaf apparently it is really beautiful!

Re: Videogame suggestions!

@missep it really is: