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Visiting a Headspace centre

Hey everyone,


I'm lucky even to have a headspace centre pretty close and I've kind of been wanting to go but their website isn't all that helpful with information (and I like to have as much information as possible beforehand) so I was wondering, what kind of things happen at headspace centres? 

Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, I can only speak from my experience at my local headspace, perhaps others will be able to contribute as well (tagging you @j95).


The big thing about headspace is that all of their services are free to you - they are usually charged through medicare under a health care plan or medicare card. Whilst this is good, it also means that once you have used up all of your free sessions under a mental health care plan, headspace will refer you onto another service - this happened to me and I found it extremely unsettling personally.


Basically, they have a number of professionals including GP's, psychologists, psychiatrists, dieticians, youth workers, amongst others. When I went to headspace, it was for individual sessions with a psychologist under a mental health care plan, although I believe they may also offer group therapy.


I guess you could describe headspace as a youth advocacy service really, as whilst their primary focus is mental health, they have wonderful initiatives in place as well. My local headspace for instance will be hosting a number of sessions specifically targeted at LGBTIQ+ youth.


I also think that part of what each individual headspace offers is to do with its funding, so it might be slightly different at individual centres, but I would imagine it would be very similar throughout the entire network across the country. Probably the best thing to do if you're thinking particularly about your local centre would be to email them - they should have a contact page for each individual centre (you need to click on the name of the centre on the map, and that should direct you there).


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

Thank you @mrmusic Smiley Happy

Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

Actually, scrap what I said about the support group for LGBTIQ+ youth... I just double checked and that was for 12 months ago (I checked the date, but not the year). The website is only a little bit out of date... Smiley Tongue

Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

That's cool @mrmusic. I basically sent them an email saying "I want to visit but give me information" (in a nicer way, of course Smiley Tongue) Fingers crossed.

Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, I volunteer with my local headspace YRG so I know a thing or two about headspace centres. What @mrmusic has previously said pretty much covers the gist what headspace is about and they're right in saying that the services they offer do vary from centre to centre. Like mine unfortunately does not have a GP on site, but they do have a support group for LGBTIQ+ youth. But overall, I definitely recommend them as a good youth mental health service. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

Have you ever been to one before @Esperanza67? I'm pretty bad at getting help to be honest and that's partly why I want to go but I have no idea what to expect Smiley Tongue

Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

I've been to my local one several times but only for YRG stuff @N1ghtW1ng, not to use one of their services. So I'm sorry if I can't be of much help if you want more info on exactly what their services are like. However, there is this YouTube video here that kind of explains the gist of what headspace is about and what their centres look like inside. 


From my experience at my local headspace centre, the staff there are really nice and friendly. I also feel that the environment of the centre is really welcoming - like it's bright and colourful and full of comfy spots to relax and chill out. I think the main thing that's great about them is that they're specifically geared towards youth mental health. Overall, I do recommend them if you're considering looking for a youth mental health service. Hope this helps!


Perhaps you can shed some more light on this @mrmusic?

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Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

@N1ghtW1ng Like @Esperanza67 I am also part of my local YRG (Go TEAM!) and thus know a thing of two about the centre Smiley Tongue
I also agree with what @mrmusic has said pretty much covers it, I am going to add what it is like when you first walk in.
You'll be met by a friendly receptionist, and you'll have a survey to do about what is going on and you're primary, secondary areas of concern. Upon first visit you will be seen by a Youth Access Clinician (YAC) who will assess your case and take case notes. From there the centre will decide who to link you in with (Which is based on what you need help with etc) Sometimes people have ongoing case management with the YAC. The YAC basically oversees what you need from headspace and links you to them behind the scenes.

I remember when I first went to headspace in 2016 (after my GP did all the referral stuff for me) I was so anxious. But we have a lovely receptionist (Who I have been known to stand and talk to for half hour Smiley Tongue oops!) who takes care of all appointments and usually handles the phone line.
At my centre, we have couches in the waiting room, colouring sheets, magazines to read, a huge connect 4! We have a bright coloured wall in every room (I think each room is nearly a different colour!), comfy couches, cushions, pretty paintings and foot stools! And there's usually a white desk with a phone and office chair, but when I went we never used them Smiley Tongue

I LOVE my Headspace Centre - hence why I'm now on the YRG seeming as the psych I was seeing left there (I think she was just helping to kick-start the centre as we opened 2 years ago) and went private.
I also have an awesome relationship with the receptionist and director of the centre Smiley Happy

I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Visiting a Headspace centre

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, I use headspace a lot - @ me tomorrow and I'll tell you more but I have to go to bed rn haha