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Re: Volunteering

@FindingHope: AHHHH!!!!! I love Headspace Smiley Very Happy They came and talked to us in one of our uni classes Smiley Very Happy They are great, and of corse That goes without saying Smiley Happy


Do you have a favourite place, memory, experience?


Re: Volunteering

Volunteering is amazing!!!

I don't think anything can make you feel as good, as appreciated, as worthwhile as doing something you love that is helping other people. 


I think my 2 favourite volunteering experiences are


1) Reach Out...of course Smiley Happy because it has helped me meet so many awesome people!!! 


2) Life's Littles Treasures - this is a charity which helps mothers and families of premature infants. What i've gotten the most out of helping LLT has been that it has showed me how fragile life is and has made me appreciate what i have a lot more. 


All i can say is volunteering is awesome!