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Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

@Tiny_leaf OMG! This is pure amazing! I love it!
@Jess1-RO I also missed the guy, but now I see him!
I clicked into the link and people have edited the video with different songs and it's hilarious! Smiley LOL


We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

I wanted to include some incredible good news stories here that lifted my spirits today! 


There has been an amazing community response for the Koala rehabilitation centres which you can read more about here


Here is an article that gives a snapshot into all the amazing work being done by organisations in Australia and how to help out if you'd like to. 


Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share these magnificent pictures of of Black Rocks, Bundjalung National Park. After quite some time of enduring fires, some rain finally hit. Nature didn't wait long to do it's thing and shine! 


This reminds me that our earth is resilient and built to survive. It's also a nice metaphor for personal growth, following a period of tough times Heart 




Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

Those pictures are amazing!
“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

What absolutely stunning photos, and what a powerful reminder that the earth, and its inhabitants, are resilient. 


It's so easy to feel despondent about the state of the world, especially when the media often only report the bad news stories, so I really love this thread. 


I just stumbled across a fabulous page where someone has gone through and made a list of all of the amazing positive things that have happened in 2019 in environmental and sustainability news, health care and technology and all sorts of other things. The link is here , it's an amazing list


The image below is from my favourite story: scientists have discovered the root cause of cystic fybrosis, which may open up a whole range of new treatments that can change lives 

Jenny McGlincy and her daughter, Pippa. McGlincy wrote in her diary 30 years ago about her excitement that scientists had discovered the root cause of cystic fibrosis, and now hopes to finally get access to a new therapy. Image credit:  Washington Post



Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

Thanks for sharing that @Janine-RO I know some people who personally benefit from those developments Heart 


It can be so easy to miss all the incredible work being done by every day people everywhere. Scientists, farmers, artists, parents, small businesses etc... Especially with how bombarded by upsetting world news, we are. On the news and all over social media - it can get a bit much.


I found this wonderful website that celebrates the unsung hero's of science. "Science Can Changes The World" is a really uplifting place to find stories of hope. 

Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

Another good news story going around the ReachOut office today! 


Some amazing people working to protect koalas in the Blue Mountains:


Sydney Morning Herald piece on relocating koalas to safety


SBS also have a similar article and video 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

This is so heartwarming - strong communities can achieve so much together. 


Here is an SBS article on some of the work being done to contribute large donations to NSW firefighters. 

Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

I just wanted to share one more beautiful good news story I read this morning -  people undergoing inpatient treatment in psychiatric wards in hospital can often find this time of year incredibly isolating. There is unfortunately still so much stigma around mental health issues, so some people may be ashamed to admit that's where they are. 


There's now a beautiful campaign that was started by someone who was herself an inpatient last Xmas, to deliver handwritten cards to inpatients, with messages of hope, strength, and support over Xmas. 


Gave me goosebumps - what a simple, yet powerful way to spread hope. 

A photograph shows piles of colourful envelopes and Christmas decorations laid out on a table.


Re: WW Activity: Good news stories!

I thought this would be a sweet news story to share, especially since cherries are my favourite fruit Smiley Happy


The Cherry season in Tassie was delayed because of the cold weather, but because of it they've had the best season in years, and just in time for the holidays Smiley Very Happy