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WW Activity: Keep Learning

This week's Wellbeing Activity comes from the wonderful @mspaceK ! 


It focuses on the Keep Learning part of the wheel of wellbeing. 


"As a teacher it is in my nature to teach others to learn, but I am constantly having to re-teach myself things and get ideas on how to teach new content. So - I guess you could say I am really passionate about learning. Learning has always helped me to solve problems, make decisions and improve negative situations."






1. Choose one thing that you want to learn more about,

2. Research it (try to go outside of google and wikipedia if you can!)

3. Write three things you didn't know before now.

4. Think about how this new knowledge could help you this week?


It could be anything from researching a topic you are struggling with: homework, uni, work, starting a job, sleep, eating, supports, dolphins, climate change, environment, house cleaning - anything you want to learn about or become skilled in. 


This activity also reminds me of some really cool podcasts that explore diverse/ random areas of knowledge like: 

No such Thing As  Fish - from the creators of the TV show QI 

Do Go On - A fact based comedy show 

(They could be good places to research!) 


Excited to hear what everyone will learn this week! 


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Re: WW Activity: Keep Learning

A wonderful topic for this week's WW @mspaceK!

I like to think we are all constantly learning, whether we are conscious of it or not. Even when I'm at my lowest I'm always eager to learn new things and it makes me feel better -- if I could just be a student forever (without the debt and less assignments) that'd be great, haha. I once had a mental health worker who told me that instead of worrying about 'wasting time on the internet', as I often do, I could re-frame it by thinking about all the things I've learnt during that time (because Wikipedia is an excellent time waster). 

Will hopefully report random facts later!

Re: WW Activity: Keep Learning

Loving this topic! I am just going to tag a few more people who might be interested in this activity Smiley Happy


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx @Bananatime04 @May_ @scared01 @_Artemis_ @Jane_Rose @skyedre @Aluzar @Bee 


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Re: WW Activity: Keep Learning

great topic @mspaceK Smiley Happy
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: WW Activity: Keep Learning

@Jess1-RO does my research have to be online? or can i research by talking to actual people?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: WW Activity: Keep Learning

i really needed some help with some assignment so along with researching, i also got some help from a tutor.
the three things i learnt are: try not to overthink the questions being asked, if in doubt then ask for help and sometimes the answers are right in front of me.
not only was i able to answer the questions i could apply them to my dailiy living and try to reduce the things i overthink/over complicate- which has helped my anxiety as well
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: WW Activity: Keep Learning

So great to read through the things people have learnt this week! 


Something that I learnt about this week, was chocolate!



Three things I learnt: 

1. Most chocolate you buy at a supermarket does not have coco butter in it, as coco butter is expensive and usually sold off by companies. Palm oil is then used in place of the butter. White chocolate usually has no coco in it at all! 

2. Chocolate was first made into it's yummy form by nuns as a drinking chocolate. It wasn't until 1657 that London opened the first chocolate house and started adding milk instead of water to the coco. 

3.  The white texture that can form on top of chocolate, happens when chocolate blooms- when it melts, the oils rise to the top and then set leaving a white mark. The chocolate shouldn't taste too different and is still fine to eat! 



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