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WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019


Hey guys! Welcome to the 4th Wellbeing Wednesday for 2019! Smiley Very Happy 

Today we thought we could talk about our Personal Strengths: How we can identify them and the role that they play in our lives.


(Also! If you’re interested in the thinking behind Wellbeing Wednesdays or wanted to sneak a peek at our previous activities, here’s a link to @Jay-RO's Wellbeing Wednesday thread  Smiley Very Happy  )


strong love yourself GIF by Rebecca Hendin


So, Strengths! We’re an amazingly diverse and different bunch here on RO Heart, but one awesome thing that we have in common is that we all have an individual set of strengths that we use to navigate our day-to-day lives. 


It’s not always easy to name our own strengths, and often we can fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we have nothing to offer in comparison. Smiley Sad This goes double if we’re already doubting ourselves! That being said, we all have something wonderful to offer and amazing qualities that we can draw upon when things get challenging. Heart


Identifying strengths isn’t just a really good way of building self-confidence, it’s also a good way to build resilience! Smiley Very Happy This way, we know that we always have some tools to help anchor us, even when other parts of life might be unsteady.


Sooooo *drum roll* today’s activity is to:

Try to identify some of your strengths! (okay you probably guessed this one Smiley LOL )


A handy way to think of some, if you find yourself coming up blank, is to reflect upon the qualities that you value in other people: there could be some overlap! E.g. empathetic people might value empathy in others Smiley Wink

Try find as many as possible if you can, you’ll be surprised how many you can come up with! Heart
To get the ball rolling I’ve popped below a lovely list of strengths borrowed from @Jess1-RO to help us think! 


Considerate, Funny, Creative, Caring, Loving, Free-spirited, Spiritual, Respectful, Self-aware, Flexible, Independent, Authentic, Warm, Proud, Passionate, Wise, Organised, Smart, Open-minded, Beautiful, Friendly, Open, Honest, Energetic, Team Player, Willpower, Mindful, Brilliant, Peaceful, Joker, Hardworking, Dedicated, Modest, Daring, Adventurous, Athletic, Strong, Kind, Social, Brave, Clever, Courageous, Empathetic, Able, Problem-Solver, Focused, Determined, Hopeful, Good Listener, Confident, Knowledgeable, Tolerant, Eager, Good Communicator and many more!


Bonus question: can you think of a time/situation where your strengths have/could come in handy in your life?

We're having a SLOW-MO Getting Real chat to do with Dealing with the Holiday Season, starting on Monday the 9th of December! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

Some of my strengths

I did a similar activity with my job search provide with my old employment consultant a while back and this is what we came up with

I've also done the VIA Character institute strengths survey 4 times over 5years and constantly my top 6 strengths are the same, just reorganised! (in order of my last result)

Fairness, Kindness, Honesty, Teamwork, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Judgment


Bonus question: can you think of a time/situation where your strengths have/could come in handy in your life?

The first thing that comes to mind is the strength of Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence in my hobby of photography and colouring in, but also I've found I appreciate the excellent things a lot here in the forums, seeing when someone achieves something they have been worried about or struggled with, it brings me joy and makes me appreciate the closeness that the forums allow us to feel with each other Heart

From the image of strengths cards I did with the employment agency, I think capable and determined are the ones which really stand out for me, and I've seen it time and time again, I keep fighting through, whether it's a bad day or a problem I'm facing, I tend to not give up, I'm like a dog at the bone chewing away at it until I've eaten it all Smiley Tongue 

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

This is a great topic!

Some strengths of mine that come to mind are:

loyal, trustworthy, confident, dedicated, understanding, respectful, friendly, reliable, adaptable, intelligent (academically and socially), I always tend to think positively of people even in difficult situations.

I have also completed the VIA Character institute strengths survey. My top 7 strengths are:

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Honesty, Social Intelligence, Spirituality, Prudence, Hope and Kindness. @Bee we have a few of the same strengths!!


Bonus question: can you think of a time/situation where your strengths have/could come in handy in your life?

I feel like my strengths will help me to make new friends in life as I find people become quite comfortable around me very quickly and often return to me for advice. I also think that being dedicated and adaptable can help me to persist with achieving my goals even if there are setbacks. 


Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

Hey @ecla34, this is a great idea! Smiley Happy It is so important to be able to identify strengths in ourselves, so this will be a great activity for me, as I'm not very good at finding strengths in myself. Heart


So, here goes my list:

kind hearted, passionate, fair, determined, courageous, open to trying new things, empathetic, willing to help, strong, always looking to improve, honest, mindful.


Like both @Ladybug and @Bee, I have also completed the VIA Character Institute Strengths Survey, and spirituality came up as my number 1 strength - which makes sense given that I have a strong faith.


Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

Forgot to put this in haha Smiley Tongue

Bonus question: can you think of a time/situation where your strengths have/could come in handy in your life?


Absolutely, the main example that comes to mind is when I began to seriously struggle with my mental health whilst completing my degree. I find that my determination was what kept me going despite all the struggles that came my way. The subsequent change from music to music therapy was also important for me as it helped reframe my struggles in a more helpful way, and made me feel like I had more of a purpose.

Absolutely agree with what @Bee said about feeling joy when other people on the forum achieve things - that's one of many reasons why I love this forum so much. Heart

Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

Love this week's activity. I


t's always so great to hear other people describing their own strengths - in the ones you have all shared I kept nodding my head thinking about how much I see these strengths in you   - even from the brief interactions we've had!! 

@ecla34 @mrmusic @Bee @Ladybug


I've done the VIA survey too @Bee , and my top strengths that it identified were: 

  • Love
  • Curiosity 
  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence 
  • Kindness 
  • Love of learning 

As a social worker, the strengths of curiosity and kindness are particularly helpful! 

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

@Ladybug I find it interesting to see who we end up sharing strengths with Smiley Happy

@mrmusic reading your list of strengths I'm nodding and going yep that sounds like you!

@gina-RO I agree those are amazing strengths as a social worker! Heart

What about the rest of the community? What do you think are some of your personal strengths?
@litgym @annabethxchase @nyke @scared01 @redhead @Bananatime04 @Sunflower18 @BunnyWalks @Maddyw @saltwaterdreamtime @roseisnotaplant @dog_lover94 @peacelovepizza @DIVYA @Shwe

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

Resurrection! This WW hits home to be honest. I always used to write off other people's compliments whenever I received them, telling myself that they don't really know me enough [to be giving accurate compliments] or they're just saying that to be nice / because it's the socially acceptable thing to do. That's totally not what it's like though!

I'm constantly being critical of my character and my not-so-strengths and trying to find ways to improve them, so this self-reflecting helps to ground me. I think I am a problem-solver, hard-worker and quiet leader, rather perceptive and have high emotional intelligence, and have vision / am creatively left-field.

I also find it fascinating to hear how other people perceive me, because it's often quite insightful. I had someone provide me a reference today and it was really lovely -- they noticed qualities like: well-mannered, quiet achiever, keen sense of community and reliable. Interestly, they're very passive / subtle / nuance attributes, not what comes to mind when I think of "strengths", but they're also very me.

BONUS QUESTION: The perceptiveness / emotional intelligence thing means that I can notice how someone's feeling quickly and provide support, but also step back and let other people take control if I feel they will do a better job. It's definitely been helpful in youth work! I'm greatful for my problem-solving / vision because it allows me to take someone's initial ideas, amplify them, raise the stakes and turn them into reality, which come in handy when they push me out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

This is an awesome thread! It can be really challenging to identify what our strengths are, but is so important!


I have also taken the VIA survey and my top 6 were:








Which I would consider to be pretty accurate. I am definitely known to utilise the 'just keep swimming' mindset of perseverance and place incredible importance on kindness and inclusivity 


Bonus question: can you think of a time/situation where your strengths have/could come in handy in your life?


The strength of perseverance has definitely come in handy over the last few years with my degree! Not sure I'd have made it this far if perseverance wasn't one of my strengths 


Re: WW Activity - Personal Strengths - 23rd Jan 2019

Don’t have any.