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WW: Reflecting on the positives

Recently I’ve had a couple of moments where I’ve reflected on a positive memory and felt a sense of warmth and comfort. One of the memories was of the cereal my grandma used to mix up using about 3-5 different cereals from the shelf to get the mix she enjoyed best. It was one of the things I enjoyed about visiting my grandma, was her cereal. I tried a couple of times to recreate the mix, but it just wasn't as good as what my grandma did. In the end, I decided to leave it and keep the memory of the amazing cereal a positive thing about my grandma and the time I spent with her on the farm.


Reflecting on the memory made me feel connected to my grandma and kept her spirit alive inside me. It reminded me that despite the fact she lived several hundred km's away I still had a bond and a relationship with her. It brought up other funny and heartfelt memories shared with her and filled me with both warmth and joy. And if there was a memory marble like in Inside Out, this would be one thing I'd do with with the memory (see gif below)


This Wellbeing activity is simple, reminisce, think about or just remember a moment which brought you happiness. It doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate. And if you’re comfortable to share how it made you feel Smiley Happy


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Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

I love this reflective activity @Bee, fantastic idea!


A few weeks ago, I was with my extended family when someone found my Pop's homemade videos of all the fun moments of all of the 9 grandchildren growing up- there are hundreds of videos! One of the videos was taken over a period of a week when we had a big family holiday together for Christmas back in 2008! We watched 2 hours of film covering all the highlights of that Christmas.


It made me feel such a strong appreciation for my family and so much love! Watching the video and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces, and how happy they were to be celebrating Christmas together was just awesome Smiley Happy Wishing I could time travel to relive it again!


friends love GIF


I am going to tag a few members who might also enjoy this activity Smiley Happy


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Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

Thank you for the tag @Jess1-RO.
Nice thread idea @Bee.

I'm really sorry, but I really can't feel anything right now.
Maybe when I can feel something, I'll try this activity. I like the idea though.

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Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

I love this idea! Thanks for the tag, @Jess1-RO. Reflecting on positive memories can be really soothing and fulfilling. I'm a really nostalgic person as well, so I find I am often reflecting on memories and past experiences.


Recently a childhood friend of mine got engaged, and even though I had not seen her in a while, I was invited to her engagement party. This inspired me to look upon all the old pictures and videos of the two of us. A particular favourite activity of ours was creating dances and skits and putting on shows for our families. Thankfully my dad kept all these videos! Watching them all was really special for me, as it reminded me of how much fun we used to have, and how great our friendship was. It was a really great reflection and provided all the warm and fuzzy feelings! Smiley Very Happy




Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

This is such a cute idea @Bee!
I went to visit my nana recently (far far away Smiley Tongue) and i spent lots of time chatting with her, looking at old photos, and even seeing my cousin and his baby! It reminded me of all the family occasions we've spent around her table with those photos in the background growing up, laughing as they get more and more outdated and as the collection grows with new memories/family members Heart This was so nice to reflect upon! Smiley Very Happy Great idea! Heart

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Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

@Bee  I think that's a really beautiful memory. Heart

@happycat45  I remember doing similar things with one of my childhood friends! She would sleep over at my house and we would make music videos and draw. I believe she got engaged recently too. We haven't seen each other in ages but our families still keep in touch.

One of my favourite memories was just playing on a swing set for hours as a child. I used to spend hours swinging! The swing eventually broke when someone else sat on it and we ended up dismantling it.

Another positive memory I have is exploring the city with my great uncle when he visited from Canada. We went to a festival together, then after that I remember going to a jewellery store and buying a charm bracelet, which I still have. We also got him a cheap mobile phone so we could stay in touch while he was in Australia. I remember he talked about how happy he was to visit because he was getting older and might not get the opportunity to see us again. It ended up pretty much being the last time I saw him. Shortly after that, he got sick with lung cancer and passed away two years ago. I still have his number in my phone. We miss him so much. He was so loved. I really treasure these memories.

Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

@Bee that is such a great activity 🤗 Like @Jess-RO  just mentioned, my mom just today sent me a whole bunch of childhood pictures of me and my sister. That made me realise how stress free and lovely were those days. The environment I grew up in was soo warm and supportive that whenever I think about it, I only end up smiling Smiley Happy

Re: WW: Reflecting on the positives

It's been so lovely and uplifting to read everyone's reflections on a positive moment Smiley Happy Thank you all for sharing. Great idea for the activity @Bee Smiley Very Happy

The first thing that came to mind for me was a moment from today. I went out to lunch with my partner and we ended up talking about our memory of going to the Melbourne Show together 5 years ago. This prompted us to reflect on our relationship in general and made me feel extremely grateful and happy.