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WW: Shaking things up!

Weekly Wellbeing: Shaking things up!

Hey everyone! Time for another Weekly Wellbeing activity!


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I don't know about you guys, but I've been stuck in a bit of a rut lately with being at home most of the time. Being in isolation means that days have seriously started to blur into one another and I'm no longer convinced that time is an actual thing Smiley LOL

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Breaking up or varying your routine can help you feel a bit less like a tiger in a cage and a bit more engaged with your day to day life, rather than going through the same motions every day!

So I thought it could be good to have a Wellbeing activity that has to do with Shaking things up!  

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Examples of this include:

  • studying/doing work in a different location
  • planning different activities for different days e.g. reading one day, watching a movie on another etc.
  • waking up/going to bed at different times (maybe aim for going to bed earlier rather than staying up way later Smiley Tongue )
  • getting super dressed up for a day at home
  • being super cozy at home in your comfiest clothes
  • legit anything! I'm sure you're all way more creative than I am Smiley LOL

    We'd love to hear if you've been doing things to keep your routine fresh or if it's something you'd like to give a shot! How are you shaking things up in isolation? Heart


We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

One thing that works for me is getting takeaway and eating it in the car.

It probably sounds a bit pathetic, but I like the change in my environment and food, even for a short while.

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

Something I have done is trying different types of food and restaurants that do deliveries that I don't normally go anywhere near. Smiley Happy I've managed to discover a lot of new cuisines and types of food that I like.

Since I have been at home and in the past year, I have been writing notes and journal entries on my phone, but recently I decided to start writing down my notes again on paper. It definitely helps me remember them better. Smiley Happy

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

I've definitely been going through the same routine over and over again recently, and one thing i've realised is that I havent been active enough while I'm doing work at home, so now I've tried to work while standing and moving about a little bit to change things up!


Re: WW: Shaking things up!

I've been loving my routine during this time. My husband and I put one up that covers a week, making sure it's got plenty of variety, and we're flexible with it. The evening activities are walking, movie night, mountain bike riding x2, camp fire, board games and a social* night. Then for me every morning I've been doing flexibility/strength exercises, and there's time over the week for study, cleaning/laundry, gardening, another walk (or swim), another movie slot, some art time and a bubble bath. One day we spend together doing a household project (towards the beginning of covid19 we went to all the rooms in the house and made lists of all the changes to make them better and we've been working on one room a week together). On the weekend we've got one day that's a combination of rest and adventure activities, and one that's planning for the next week (reviewing the routine, adding events, putting in the specifics) and gardening together.

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

@Anonymous That sounds so lovely.

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

Haha, @Tiny_leaf, your eating in the car thing made me giggle. My boyfriend and I did that on our anniversary. We devoured pizza in my car. It was actually a fantastic experience...highly recommend. I just want to remind everyone to bring napkins/wipes if they decide to do the same.


Sounds like you've got some great ways to "shake things up" there @Anonymous Smiley Happy

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

@ecla34 interesting idea, thanks!


Unfortunately I haven't done any of these. I guess it's a confusing hard time for everyone. I feel sorry for so many people, especially the workers, and those with mental health issues, it's so sad.

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

Hey @musicfan_xo, thanks for sharing. It is such a strange and difficult time for everyone at the moment! Do you think it would be helpful to do some of these? You don't have to if you don't want to or don't feel the need to. It is completely up to you! Smiley Happy

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

@Taylor-RO I guess I can try