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Re: WW: Shaking things up!

Thanks for this awesome weekly wellbeing @ecla34 , I love the idea of shaking things up a bit to boost our wellbeing, I can definitely relate to feeling like time is all starting to meld together a bit lately, and this is such a cool way to get out of a bit of a rut. 


@Anonymous  the different activities you plan with your husband sound really fun! 


I have been itching to get outside and do some more hiking lately, so I've started to put together a list of places nearby that I can go for a bit of a hike on the weekends. I've been doing a lot of walking in our neighbourhood but I think a change of scene would definitely be a good thing. 


I also really like the idea of dressing up at home! Have you guys seen the Bin Isolation Outing Facebook page? It's pretty much what it sounds like - people getting dressed up in outrageously amazing costumes to take their bins out, and sharing the photos - junkee did a story about it here


bin isolating outing


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: WW: Shaking things up!

@ecla34 Great idea for a Weekly Wellbeing! 


@Anonymous Wow that sounds like you have the most amazing routine working for you - I admire your drive! 


Like many of y'all my shakeups tend to be food-based hahah I've been ordering takeaway from a lot of local restaurants that I haven't had the chance to try before and I've been making sure to order directly through the business (not ubereats etc.) so that all the profit goes to them! I've also been trying out a bunch of different recipes and using ingredients that I'm not so familiar with - it's been a great experiment so far! I'm not a big baker but last week I made a caramel mudcake and it was delish Cat Tongue