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Wanting to have Sex

Hi Reachout ,


I've been wanting to have sex on frequent basis.  



Sex is both physical and emotionally pleasing for me.


How can I make this lifestyle change a responsible one for my partner / partners and I ?  


Who should I consult on this lifestyle  change I'd like to make it a positive practice ?


Bunny walks.


Re: Wanting to have Sex

Hi @BunnyWalks, I hope you don't mind, but I've just edited some of your post as we do need to keep things age appropriate for 14-25 year olds. Heart


I'm not sure if you've checked out our website, but we do have a number of factsheets about sex which you can find here. In particular, this factsheet about safe sex might be worth a read, as well as this one about having sex for the first time. I think that it's really important to communicate with your partner about this stuff as well, in order to ensure that both of you are on the same page.


Is this something you feel comfortable bringing up with your therapist? Heart

Re: Wanting to have Sex

hi @BunnyWalks
sex is a normal and healthy part of a relationship. As long as both you and your partner are consenting and willing then i dont see a problem with having sex frequently at all.
If however it is becoming a problem for you e.g its all your thinking about, wanting it much more than your partner does and its upsetting for you then perhaps seeking the support from a psychologist would be the next step
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Wanting to have Sex

hi @scared thank your input yeah consent is an important part of relationship and I wouldnt want to be a ruining someones time.

it comes and goes actually.

Re: Wanting to have Sex

being curious and have the want/urge to have sex is normal, its only if it rules your life is when i think it starts to become a problem or whatever level you find distressing @BunnyWalks

if you are currently with someone perhaps talking to them about their comfort levels would be beneficial as well.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Wanting to have Sex

hey @BunnyWalks@mrmusic and @scared01 have offered some really amazing advice and resources. i just wanted to chime in with some practical tips:


1) if you're sexually active, make sure that you and your partners are tested for STDs regularly and to always have a reliable (and sometimes multiple) mode of birth control!

2) lots of online forums like scarleteen offer some great tips and advice for young people who are thinking about having sex, plus they also have anonymous forums for you to ask any questions

3) this is a bit more vague but i would say to key the having sex in a safe, healthy, and enjoyable way is to be confident in your own body and boundaries. realising that it's okay to withdraw consent whenever you want and to make sure that both you and your partners are well-informed about consent and are happy and enthusiastic in whatever you are doing! a lot of people think consent is just a single act, but consent during sex should be consistent and enthusiastic. there's some more info about consent here


sex is a really important topic to be speaking about, so it's great that you were able to bring it up here Smiley Happy

Re: Wanting to have Sex

Appreciate it me music.

Re: Wanting to have Sex

@DirtWitch this is such a thoughtful post .
Thank you.

I hope these resources we'll will help me make sounds decisions.

Re: Wanting to have Sex

@BunnyWalks Playsafe Forums are also good too