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Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

Warmer months all the way! I love having summer at Christmas time, and I guess because nearly all the birthdays at my house are in spring/summer it's always a pretty exciting time.

That being said, I don't like having to shower a million times per day in the 40+ degree weather. Smiley Sad

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Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

I like the snugness of layers, too.

I just spent 6 months in HK and, every time I opened a window or left my building, I'd get sad as the heat and humidity rushed in.

I also missed my warmer clothes: my big coat, my hoodie, my itchy cardigan… Smiley Happy Love 'em all!

Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

yeps defts !


when the sun's out and sky's blue, birds are chirping it does really put you in a positive moode. 

Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

I love the warmer weather mainly because there are more hours in the day. There's no better feeling than finishing work or uni and still having the sun out!


Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

Every winter I get a bit flat - cabin fever from being indoors. I also live near the beach in an area where most socialising happens outside (not many bars/venues/nightlife)... so in winter there are less gatherings etc. It's taken me a few winters to recognise how it makes me feel.. and try to combat that by having Sunday lunches etc with friends and coax them out of hibernation Smiley Very Happy

So I'm loving Spring and beach adventures, fish 'n' chips on a Friday evening etc. Yay!

Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

It is warm during when the sun is out but the temp plummets when night dawns. I am looking forward to summer, it is more lively! 

Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

I felt this as well!


Down in Melbourne the sun came out on September 1 (right in time for Spring) and ever since then I've been feeling much better and have had much more energy. 


Have to say I'm not missing winter one bit!

Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

One advantage of summer is I can't really sleep into the middle of afternoon because it gets quite hot, so I have to get up. I find it easier to get up because it is hot rather getting up because I have work to do. 

Re: Warmer weather = feeling better?

Hi Gang.....


Yes warmer weather makes me feel better then those, cold rainy overcast days I know so well where I am. When it warmer my adrenalin pump faster and I really get reved up!


On yes, sometimes I trash myself up, because sometime I tend push myself though the pain barrier!!!!{stupid thing to do] As I make a total wreak of myself and need at least 2-3 to recover!!!!