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Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

Friday August 28th is 

Wear it Purple Day

Click here to find out more!



Wear it Purple calls on all of us to show we respect each other just as we are, and to stand up against bullying based on sexuality and gender diversity. It's a movement started by young peoplefor young people to raise awareness of challenges facing sexuality- and gender-diverse young people, creating environments in which they feel safe and supported.


We at Reachout think this is awesome and so we're going purple all tomorrow!


To show our support on the forums we're also creating three threads that we'll keep open from now until midnight on the 28th! 


Use this thread to:

Upload a pic of you in purple! (within guidelines)



Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

Here's some of the ReachOut office peeps getting their purple on (which one is me? Smiley Tongue).  Also we have a giant mound of purple coloured sugary things to eat Smiley Happyunnamed.jpg

Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

Yaaaay! I can't wait to see all the photos people put up!


Here's my contribution, broke out the purple docs that I haven't worn in YEARS:

2015-08-28 10.52.39.jpg


Plus a BONUS pic of me trying to recreate the bi pride flag with rings (it sort of worked... I tried.):

2015-08-28 10.54.07.jpg



Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

My purple hoodie was in the wash so I couldn't wear it, but I do have a purple drink bottle Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

Purple tshirt, plus mah guitar just because.

webcam-toy-photo1 (1).jpg


Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics



My glasses are dark purple!


Annnnd to sweeten the deal, an awesome postcard that I picked up from my local headspace centre yesterday Heart


Happy Wear It Purple Day everyone! Smiley Very Happy

Stay excellent

Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

I wore a purple clip in my hair, and just when I thought it was the only purple I managed I remembered that I put on purple earrings today, and above all my glasses are actually PURPLE! haha Thanks @Myvo for postnig yours, which reminded me! LOL Smiley Happy And I took it with my kitty mousemat at the background, because well, cats are awesome! Smiley Happy



Ps. @Myvo Our glasses are nearly the same! Smiley Tongue

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Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

Too lazy to take pictures and try and upload them. But my pj pants are purple! I don't own much purple clothing, but would have worn my sparkly purple jumper if I could find it. Boo!

Awesome pics everyone!

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Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

@Bee @Myvo Glasses buddies! Mine aren't purple but I spent a good portion of the afternoon working on an awesome (I tried really hard not to use the word kick-ass there) picture and it's finally done! 


Should be better quality now so you can read the writing. A little story to follow the picture; The first line in red down the bottom, about seeing colours, was just something random. So was the one in red down the righthand side. Most of the red was random but then I thought rainbow colours with fun messages on the whole page! Then the messages started to be about gender (green) and sexuality (also green and blue) and then I hit purple and wrote Wear It Purple, the the date. And then I drew my avatar (Love is never wrong), added the year, and then the flags. And then the message (Be proud of who you are). It just shows that you can start something with something cool in mind and then turn it into something better. And even if it's not what you started with, that doesn't make it any less awesome. 




Re: Wear it Purple Day Thread One: Purple pics

woahhhh love it @N1ghtW1ng !!!