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Weekly Wellbeing Activity: Problem Solving

Problem solving!


We all face problems in our lives. But whether it's running out of your favourite breakfast cereal in the morning, or figuring out what to do with your life, there are steps you can take to solve the issue.


For this week's Weekly Wellbeing activity, put on your problem solving hat and grab a POOCH.


No, not a dog (although doggos make the best companions!). I mean one of these:

Image result for pooch problem solving


POOCH gives us an easy way to solve those pesky problems in our life. There are five main steps


Step 1: What is the problem?

Step 2: What are the different ways I could go about solving this problem? You can include more practical ways as well as silly/creative ones

Step 3: What are the likely outcomes if I go with each of these options?

Step 4: Based on these outcomes, which one seems like the best option?

Step 5: How did it go? Was there anything you didn't forsee? If you come across this problem again, would you respond the same way, or try a different course of action?


Now it's your turn: pick a problem, have a go at doing these steps, and see how you go! Smiley Happy


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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity: Problem Solving

Interesting activity this week...
I'll have to try this later. I'm a bit busy rn.
Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity: Problem Solving

@lokifish for a moment I thought the acronym was POOH and I was amazed at your ability to turn Winnie the Pooh into a problem-solving acronym, haha!

However, Pooch is pretty good too, and I'm keen to try it out at a later date when I'm not so jet-lagged Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing Activity: Problem Solving

I vote that we chance the 'C' to 'H' just for POOH @letitgo Smiley Wink