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Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

Creating art is a brilliant way to express our ideas and feelings. There's nothing like creating a picture to tell a thousand words. I'm no Renaissance artist, but I find that doodling can also help me feel more mindful and less anxious. Art can also help us connect with others and boost our imagination and creativity. Smiley Happy

For this week's wellbeing activity, create an artwork that captures what one of our ReachOut community values means to you or just create something that makes you feel inspired or happy. Smiley Happy

It can be any medium, by hand or digital. It can be something on paper or something that you've crafted or built. Share it with us in this thread and let's try to make everyone's images into a beautiful collage that represents how connected we all are to each other!
Remember to keep the guidelines in mind when sharing your creations and try to avoid sharing things that might be triggering for our community. Heart

Our values are:
- Courage
- Compassion
- Generosity
- Inclusiveness
- Responsibility
- Fun

I can't wait to see what everyone has dreamed up! Smiley Happy


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

@WheresMySquishy  I love this weeks weekly wellbeing activity! Super creative, tranquil and lively Heart. I cant wait to absorb all the beautiful creations! I know how talented our community is and it is going to be so nice to flaunt it! My favourite values to describe the community is the courage, generosity and fun that lives in everybody! I might have to get my own artistic skills out and see what I can do with those qualities Smiley LOL

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

I love this concept! Coincidentally this week my boyfriend, a friend of ours and I did this painting! None of us are particularly artsy so we did it from a stencil of the mandala, but I thought it turned out pretty okay haha. I'd say it represents the community values of a) inclusiveness, as we had to communicate well and include each other on all the decisions so that the painting was cohesive and b) fun, because well, look how colourful it is! Smiley Tongue


Looking forward to seeing everyone else's creations!




Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

I decided to make a collage of some the values. Im excited to see what others will do and @WheresMySquishy this was a great idea.Reachout values.jpg


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

It's meant to be a sloth sitting down hugging itself and talking :smileylol:It's meant to be a sloth sitting down hugging itself and talking Smiley LOL


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

I was going to use watercolour brush pens for mine, but I really wanted to test out some stationery I got for my birthday. Smiley Happy
So here is a quick sketch of Generositea, inspired by a few times in my volunteering when I've shared a cup of tea with people who are waiting for appointments or are upset. Smiley HappyGenerositea.png

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

Ah yes, finally a WW that suits me! Smiley LOL

I'll have ago and post something later today! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Art Attack

I look forward to seeing your art @xXLexi_Lou122Xx! Smiley Happy

Also I love the generositea pun @WheresMySquishy Smiley LOL