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Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

Weekly Wellbeing : Learning


Hey, everyone! I'm Janine, and I'm super excited to have joined the ReachOut team this week, I'll be here 2 days a week as a community moderator. I posted a quick intro in the November intro thread, but just thought I would say hello here too, and kick off this week's Weekly Wellbeing. 


I am a podcast addict from way back, I really love discovering new podcasts that make me think, keep me entertained, and change how I look at the world! Listening to podcasts is also how I help to motivate myself to go for a walk or a run, so for me it fits into both the “be active” and “keep learning” parts of the wheel of wellbeing.  Listening to podcasts can make a boring commute pass quickly, snap me out of a bad mood, or even give me ideas about how to make my own life better.


So for this week’s activity, I thought it could be fun for people to share their favourite podcasts- ones that make you laugh, make you think, take you to another world, or do a bit of all of those things!

Just to kick things off, here’s a few of mine. I'll post links here, but you can find them on Apple Podcasts, or whatever podcast app you use. 


Wilosophy: Wil Anderson chats with all sorts of people, and has super interesting conversations about their philosophy in life, what makes them tick, and lots in between. He has a decent back catalogue now of interesting chats and they’re all free to listen to.


Hack (jjj): jjj's half hour daily news program, "hack talks about the stuff that matters to young australians".


Download this show: 30 minute snapshots every week with Marc Fennell about all sorts of things techy, social media, culture, movies and TV.


TED talks daily – short podcasts about everything under the sun, I have watched so many TED talks that have changed the way I think about myself, my brain, and the world around me. I love the stuff about neuroscience, but I also love that there's a talk about probably anything you could think of by now.


Going Through It – I loved this, it’s a whole lot of stories about what people did when life suddenly didn’t go to plan,when life seemed like it was off the rails and when they faced a massive turning point. There's some huge names there, and it's amazing hearing their stories.


But I guess one of the things I love most about podcasts is taking a dive into all sorts of random things, because there’s literally hundreds of thousands of things out there and it’s great to dip in and out and see what sparks your interest, or makes you laugh, or teaches you something new – all things that can help our wellbeing. 


Looking forward to hearing about your favourites - are you a podcast fan? 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

@Janine-RO  This is a great activity! I've been looking for podcasts lately too.

This site has free public domain audiobooks. I've been listening to them a lot. You can also turn Netflix into an audiobook.
Some other good sites are Podcast One  and
I haven't personally listened to Sleep With Me, but I heard it's good.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

Welcome to the RO forums @Janine-RO Smiley Very Happy This is a great weekly wellbeing activity to start off with!

I'm not much of a podcast listener, but I do sometimes listen to the weekly podcasts of the good place tv show because the show is so great and fresh! They talk about behind the scenes stuff about the most recent episode and bring in guests from the show to come and talk about their experiences and all! It's really nice to know more about the process of filming and see the complexity of the show itself!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

@drpenguin  I had no idea that there was a podcast about the good place, it's one of my favourite shows, I'll definitely check it out! I need to catch up on the last few episodes too. It's such a clever, funny show. Dax Shepherd (Kristen Bell's husband) has a great podcast called "Armchair expert" where he's done a few long interviews with some of the cast as well as Kristen, I find his interviews super interesting. He's really interested in psychology and science as well, and he talks to all sorts of people. 



Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

@WheresMySquishy  I had no idea about the free audiobooks - thanks so much for sharing that! I've been toying with the idea of getting an Audible subscription because friends rave about audiobooks but I've never really got into them before, though I read quite  a lot. This looks like an awesome way to dip my toes into audiobooks for free!!! 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

@Janine-RO Glad to see that there's another the good place fan on the forums! Smiley Very Happy The latest few episodes are really great and totally unexpected! You'll definitely be in for a nice surprise! I'll definitely take a listen to Dax's podcast, it sounds really interesting!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

I just found This American Life by chance and thought of this thread. Smiley Happy
I'm listening to their podcasts right now.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Favourite podcasts

@WheresMySquishy  I'm so happy to hear that someone else appreciates This American Life, it's one of my favourite podcasts. There's a massive back catalogue to dip in and out of, I really enjoyed the one that they did for the holidays this year. The one that came out on Monday (I think?) was fascinating, but pretty sad in parts.