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Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

Hey guys! Time for another Weekly Wellbeing activity! Smiley Very Happy
This one's a little more hands on (kinda) and hopefully should be both fun and a really nice opportunity to reflect on good things! Heart


One of the (imo) best threads we have on RO is the Today I'm grateful for... thread, where we all take time to reflect on things we're thankful for Smiley Happy and late last year we had a WW activity on finding three things we're grateful for 


I thought it could be nice to extend these activities into making a Gratitude wall(/mirror/bedpost/any-flat-surface-you-like-really)


nbc brooklyn 99 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine


I you're keen, for this one it could be cool to write something that you're grateful for and slap it up somewhere that you'll see it often, then keep doing that for a week and see the difference it makes to how present you are in the moment and your perspective on things.

I know it's only something tiny, but activities like this give you an opportunity to focus on something positive. Even if for the rest of the day you're in a negative headspace it gives you a break from that for a moment Heart

What might also be really good to do is to try find positives about things that are also stressing you out, so that you've got something amongst all that to hold onto Heart 


Here's mine for day one:


And I'll post my mirror again when the week is up! Smiley Very Happy Heart

I would love to see anyone else's if they feel up to sharing, whether in progress or complete (you can continue for more than a week if you like!). Just remember to make sure there's nothing in the photo that can be used to identify you (i really regretted choosing my mirror haha Smiley LOL that was a hard photo to take! Smiley Tongue)

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

I love this idea @ecla34! I'll post a pic of my own gratitude wall at the end of the week Smiley Very Happy
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

Ta-da @ecla34! Here is my gratitude wall - a bit tiny but I'm still liking it. Maybe I should wait and let it grow over the next coming weeks to see how it all goes and then I can retake a picture of it and share it here? What you do think?


Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 8.14.04 pm.png

Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

@ecla34 oooh, I love that idea!!

When I get my bedroom sorted out I'm definitely going to make a space for that at my desk.

It also sounds like a really good place to put self care ideas and the numbers/ web addresses of helplines, mixed in with the other sticky notes.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

Ooooh this is a great idea @ecla34!!

I can't stick things on my wall because I'm renting, but I do want to try physically writing out a list of things and maybe putting them on the bench or the dashboard of my car Smiley Happy 

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

I think I'll have to do this next week. I missed this when it was posted. I'll do it next week, and post pictures then.
This idea will help me a lot, I think.

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

@Esperanza67 such an awesome collection of things to be grateful for! Heart it'd be so cool to see it keep growing!


@Tiny_leaf a wall of good things actually sounds like such a good idea! A really personalised and meaningful mental wellbeing toolkit Smiley Very Happy 


@letitgo a portable gratitude list would be really handy, you could add to it whenever and wherever you wanted, which I feel like would be good for capturing the little things that brighten your day that you might not remember otherwise! Smiley Very Happy

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx can't wait to see it! I'm glad it sounds helpful to you Heart

I'll post a picture of my 'wall' tomorrow to show you guys! The lighting''s not letting me take a nice pic so i'll wait until there's more light Smiley LOL

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

 Here it is!! Smiley Very Happy




As we can see fluro highlighters might not have been the best choice! Smiley LOL
For those struggling to read them, the post-its say:
Was able to hang out w lovely peeps xx

I get to study something i love Smiley Happy

I get to meet awesome people!

I'm a part of so many different and great teams!!! Heart

My thesis is going on track Smiley Happy

Doctor wasn't judgemental!


The collection is growing!!! Heart Smiley Very Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

@ecla34 I love how "The collection is growing" makes it sound like you're slowing taking over the world with sticky notes of positivity. Smiley Tongue

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Gratitude Wall

@Tiny_leaf hmmmmm.....

time for a career change do you think? Smiley Wink world-domination via positivity? sign me up! Smiley Tongue

who would be surprised, honestly?