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Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

In the last few years, there's been more and more research into the impacts that gratitude can have on our lives. 


Gratitude is the Epicenter of Happiness | Daniel Miessler


There's evidence to suggest that practicing gratitude can reduce stress, increase our well-being, improve sleep and increase our satisfaction with life. 


Taking a photo everyday of something you're grateful for, whether it be big or tiny, is a really simple and powerful way to practice gratitude. It's also a way to encourage yourself to look positives in the world, even if they seem really small, and it's a great way to stay focused in the present moment. 


Quote About Gratitude - Robert Holden | Gratitude quotes, Robert ...


So, we would love to see any photos that you'd like to share of something that you are grateful for!


Just a reminder to make sure that you don't include anything that could identify you - but otherwise, please feel free to post whatever it is that has brought you a little bit of thankfulness today. 


Being Grateful: Little Stories - Skye Soon


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Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

I will kick off with two of mine!


the first one is a native plant I planted over a year ago that had never flowered, but finally did the other week and looks so beautiful!


The second is an eerie but beautiful morning on the weekend, I had to get up very early on Saturday to go to netball not being outside looking at the trees through the fog was incredibly peaceful. 







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Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!


I'm grateful because today I called Kids Helpline when I was struggling, and was able to talk to my old counsellor. I spoke to him for a year and then he left to a different role over a year ago but now he's back and talking to him was the only counseling that's ever helped me. I'm grateful for when we used to talk, that he cared, that he's back in his role and for our conversation today.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!


I'm loving the awesome photos I can turn into memes, my dog is amazing like that!


Nala is not impressed with my sister! Smiley Tongue


I am thankful for Nala, because she is so cute and always knows how to make anyone "Aww~"!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

I'm grateful for my little babe Papaya. Every morning we have cuddles and it's the best way to wake up. I love that he runs around in circles when I come home and does his happy bark at me, as if to say "You're home! I missed you"


He is super smart and learns fast, which makes me super proud of him. The other day I was hand feeding him some chicken and he looked so happy eating it, that I cried tears of joy lol. My girlfriend thought I was being very dramatic. But I just love him sooooo much Heart



pp (1).jpg

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!


I'm grateful for my dietician session that I had this morning. We talked about how eating regularly is necessary and not indulgent! I'm grateful for how understanding she is of my journey to recovery and how little bits of advice that she gives me here or there really stick with me and act as something to come back to and tell myself on days where I am struggling that little bit more to break out of old unhealthy habits. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

A Thank You To Essential Workers - Community Access Network


(Ok so I didn't take this photo sorry everyone!)

But I am just feeling particularly grateful to everyone who is working to keep us safe at the moment. I just received a negative covid result and I feel very grateful to the nurses who did my test who made the whole process as quick and not-scary as possible. They provided a really safe environment to put everyone getting tested at ease, they were telling jokes and being so calm and lovely. It was just really nice to feel that sense of community and I'm very grateful that I can now go for a walk and not worry Heart

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

So much awesome!!!

@Janine-RO I love the pretty flowers!!


@Anonymous thats awesome you were able to talk to him again ❤


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx haha thats awesome your able to make memes with your dogs photos! Also so adorable!


@Bre-RO sounds like a very clever dog. Also when pets welcome you home ots so adorable ❤


@JullyBean  I'm glad you're making some progress with the dietitian ❤ it's awesome they're aupportive


@Hannah-RO  YESS absolutely! The few times I've had to go to emergency during the covid pandemic they have been amazing and so caring. 



Okay so I thought I'd join in too, and I'm grateful for this gorgeous little monely (well she's a cat, but she's sooo cheeky!)

Here she is on her new cat bed during a little play session 20200731_201859.jpg


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

Annotation 2020-05-15 114637.pngI am grateful for cats🌻😄

Re: Weekly Wellbeing - Gratitude photo challenge!

Aww @iluvcats564 what a lovely picture! I am also grateful for cats Cat Very Happy