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Weekly Wellbeing: Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Dance Dancing GIF


In the spirit of Halloween we thought this weeks well being activity could have a bit of a spooky theme. We’re going to keep things light and fun because sometimes the best thing you can do for your well being is to get creative and have some fun! 


Creativity can take many forms and everyone is drawn to different projects so we’ve made a list below of some fun things you can do to celebrate Halloween: 


  • Click here to find some spooky stencils to colour in or you can make your own art
  • Get in the kitchen and create some yummy Halloween treats. Here are some ideas for treats you can make. 
  • Write a scary story/fan fiction 
  • Put together a next level costume. It can be really fun going to op-shops and finding stuff to re purpose or even digging around in your closet to see what you can put together with things you already own. 
  • Hit up Youtube and try some Halloween/Special FX makeup tutorials to accompany your costume. 
  • Make a Halloween playlist on Youtube/Spotify 

(Btw if you need a laugh there's heaps of gifs of this pumpkin person dancing on giphy. I really wanted to put them all in this post but it would have been a bit over the top Smiley Tongue)

Halloween Dancing GIF




  • Share a picture of your art/baked goods/scary story/costume (remember that we are an anonymous forum so the pictures should not include anything that would identify you)


  • Will you be giving out tricks or treats this year? 




Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Happy Halloween!

@Bre-RO ohhhh my gosh! Such a cute idea! Smiley Very Happy Heart


This is me in October:


Tim Burton Halloween GIF

I wish i'd thought to take a pic of the snacks I made for a Halloween movie night last week! I made fruit skewers with gummy body parts on them (which surprisingly all got eaten Smiley LOL). I also dressed as a vampire, which is always fun! 🎃🧛‍♀️💀

It was a super fun and creative way of spending time with friends and getting a little spooky, i agree with you that Halloween is good chance to get creative and dress up in a way you might not usually!

Unfortunately where I live isn't really accessible for people who don't know it's there, so no trick or treaters here Smiley Sad 


Is anyone doing anything cool for Halloween that they'd like to share! Smiley Very Happy I'm always looking for ideas! Smiley LOL


Mean Girls Halloween GIF by filmeditor


We're having a Live Getting Real chat to do with Friendship Drama on Monday the 17th of Feb, 7:30 pm AEDT! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween everyone! Smiley Happy I hope all of you have a great night dressed up and having fun!




I didn't do anything for Halloween this year though Smiley Indifferent ; I'm not too much of a halloween celebrator (sorry!). I wish I could at least give out candy, but I live in an apartment with tight security (each tenant has floor-specific keycards that only allows them to go to the floor they live on). Still, I look forward to what you guys have done for halloween! Man Very Happy


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Happy Halloween!

Well it was one of the best Hallowens that i had in 25 years it was so awesome !