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Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

Weekly Wellbeing: Pets are life!


Pets bring so much love and joy into our lives! This week's activity is all about pets and the benefits being around animals has for wellbeing Smiley Happy


Dog Love GIF by TikTok

Sixuantesttag GIF


Activity time!

1. Do you have a pet? If so, share a photo here! (remember to make sure the photo still maintains your anonymity and the anonymity of others Smiley Happy )

2. If you don't have a pet but want one, what is your dream pet?

3. Find a gif that represents your relationship with your pet!

4. Tell us why your pet is important to you!



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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

Tagging a few members we have seen around the forums the last two days Smiley Happy 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx @drpenguin @Bananatime04 @keezeik @MB95 @Eden1717 @lokifish @Hozzles  @JazzInMay @that_girl_ 


Feel free to tag more members!



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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!


1. This is my gorgeous dog, Nala! We have the same birthday too!


2. D9684048-FF59-480D-8DAF-BEE0C4EE2A07.gif 

Nala loves to play fetch with me, because I have the strongest throwing arms to make further distance. But she’s mostly like this, because she will wait at the door with her paws on the door sill, waiting for someone to play with her or keep her company. She’s so cute!


3. Nala is important to me, because I have always needed a companion of fur. I also find that, at night, She will just sit there in her kennel or on her bed, and let me stroke her before bed. It helps me to relax after a tough or long day, and dogs are great for therapy, despite her not being very cuddly.


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

Hey guys,


Here are my two doggies.  They are named Rocky and Fifi.  Maybe you can guess which one is Rocky but as you can see, he loves stealing Fifi's bed!


They are rescue dogs and provide so much unconditional love.  No matter how tired I am when I get home, they come running with excitement.  It really puts a smile on my face Smiley Happy.




Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

I loooove this thread Heart 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx your dog is so beautiful and love the name Nala! 


@Ronan-RO hehehe your dogs are adorable - they look very cheeky Smiley Happy 


Animals are super important to me - they have the ability to lift my mood instantly. I don't have a pet right now but have been looking into getting one very very soon - can't wait to share a pic once I have one. My dream pet is a Whippet, Labrador or Boxer! 


At the moment I get my dog fix when I visit my family. When I was living back home my brothers dog and I were best friends. He slept in my bed, sat on my lap while I ate and I taught him how to howl at me when I said "I love you" to him. 


This was basically us: 


dogs GIF


(except I'm not a dog hahaha) 


Pets are so healing in my opinion. They love you unconditionally, make you laugh, comfort you when your sad and keep you company. Heart 


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 


Nala is a gorgeous name.  What a beautiful doggie!


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

@Bre-RO are you sure? Smiley Tongue


My computer's broken and I can't figure out how to get pictures here with my phone..


But I have two cats and 16 fish. I love them all.


My cats can be very cuddly sometimes, especially my fluffy girl. They get many cuddles when I'm upset.


My fish are all very cute. I gave them some new plants today, they're going wild playing in and eating it.

Also they keep trying to eat my fingers, but they're too tiny, so they just kinda bump into my finger repeatedly. I love them even when they think they're piranhas.


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!


As just about all of you know, this is my baby boy, EDDIEEEE!



I think there are so many ways to describe my relationship with Eddie! But one of them would have to be noodle buddies! Smiley Tongue We always eat noodles together! he loves them Smiley Happy 


Eddie is a Maltese shih tzu (he can be a little shit sometimes) and he’s 10 years old! I absolutely love him Smiley Happy he’s my emotional support, pet, purpose to life and my best friend Heart he’s so special to me because he offers so much love and comfort through my good and bad days (Currently writing this with him in my arms at the kitchen table). I’ve grown up with this ball of fluff since I barely even had hair (I was bald until I was 4, that’s embarrassing) and my love for him continues to grow. The thing about having a dog as your best friend is they don’t judge you, say stuff behind your back or anything like that! They genuinely love you and that’s what makes Eddie so special to me Heart without Eddie who know where I’d be, if I’d even still be here at all.. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

I think most people can say that about their pets too @Bananatime04!
Nala is like that for me too, but she’s not quite as cuddly.

Eating noodles with Eddie sounds like fun, and that gif is awesome too!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Pets!

thank you for tagging me @Jess1-RO, I have one dog Scout who is a West Highland Terrier, and I love her so much, she's my baby, and my mum's dog a schnauzer called Poppy. It's Scout's birthday end of this month actually! Smiley Happy