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Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Reconnecting and reaching out to important people in our lives


Social connection is a really important part of wellbeing! Social connection is beneficial in improving a sense of belonging, reducing stress and improving self-confidence (among many many other benefits!).


There are times when life gets busy, and we lose contact with people that mean a lot to us. This week's wellbeing activity is focusing on reconnecting with those important in our lives. 


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1. Reach out to someone important in your life and reconnect

2. Let us know what that person means to you and why you value their presence in your life


I'll start!

This morning I called a friend I hadn't spoken to in a few months. I really value her friendship because she makes me laugh and reminds me it's okay to not take life to seriously sometimes- I need that reminder every now and then!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Hi @Jess1-RO
Oh my goodness funnily enough I actually reconnected with someone I haven't been in touch with for 2 years.
It was such a healing experience and I feel really good about it. We're going to meet up on the weekend and really get back on track. I'm looking forward to it!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Hey @Jess1-RO!

This is such a great activity. There are several friends I've been meaning to reconnect with, and life just keeps getting in the way - this is a great motivator to actually do it! Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Yesterday I reconnected with my best friend from high school who I haven't spoken to in 3 years. I always felt very neglected by her in our final year of friendship, but I have come to realise that much of my own insecurity led to my feelings of inadequacy. It has been great to get to know her again and see what she's been up to, but most importantly, this version of reconnection symbolises my own personal growth, growing self-esteem and readiness to let go of a past that has been holding me back for years. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

What a great idea @Jess1-RO! Smiley Happy


The other day I had lunch with a friend I haven't seen for a while because our schedules always clash. It was great to catch up, we have been friends since high school and I really value her friendship. Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Love this idea @Jess1-RO

I recently bumped into a pretty close high school friend at a party after a few years of not seeing each other! We had naturally drifted due to busy uni schedules but it was really nice seeing her again that day.  So I guess in the spirit of this Weekly Wellbeing, I'll definitely try and find a time to meet up with her to properly catch up Smiley Happy

We used to catch public transport together to get to school so she was always the first friend I saw in the morning!  I really valued her friendship because we'd have a good time together joking around and it would always brighten my day before we went through a (tough) day at school.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Reconnect and reach out

Thank you! @Jess1-RO it went so well and I'm really happy now and glad I did it! Smiley Happy