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Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Weekly Wellbeing: Let's try out self-care!


So I was thinking we could do a 3 (or more!) day trial of sorts inspired by the wheel of well-being that these threads are based off. Each day we could try out a different section of the wheel and see what happens!


Screenshot 2021-01-05 215238.png











Sort of like a little taste of each part of the wheel, if you will Smiley Tongue


Okay, okay, so if you're still with me on this tell me what your self-care plan is for the next 3 days? (picking three different sections of the wheel to focus on)


It might look something like this

Day 1: Connect- I will check in with someone I care about today

Day 2: Take notice- I will take 5 mins out today to mindfully observe my surroundings

Day 3: Keep learning- I will try something new today


Challenge: If you want, you can try all 6 sections of the wheel over 6 days!


So let us know what your self-care plan will look like and then check in when it's over and tell us how it went! What was your favourite section of the wheel? Will you keep trying out different self-care activities?


Pusheen : #Slothcare (Self Care with Sloth) - Pusheen


Thanks, and I hope you're having a good Wednesday! Smiley Very Happy


Remember, there's no time limit to these weekly wellbeing activities. You're free to try them out whenever (if ever) you want! Smiley Tongue

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 This was such a great idea, I will for sure be trying to do those three things and more over the next few days. Self-care is really important and will for sure be apart of the new year for me.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  This is such a great idea! Smiley Happy

Here is my self-care for today, tomorrow and Friday:
Today: Spirit - I will do something nice for someone today.
Tomorrow: Connect - I will meet up with someone for a chat.
Friday: I want to go on a walk on this day (body) but if I don't get the chance to, I would like to challenge myself to achieve some hobby-related things (mind).

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 Love it! This idea can really enrich a person's week Smiley Happy 

Here is my list I'd like to share with everyone:

DAY 1: Be active - I will take a trip for a walk on top of a mountain

DAY 2: take notice - I will practice being present with the environment around

DAY 3: keep learning - I will try to learn new computer skills

DAY 4: connect - I will take the time to try going for a date

DAY 5: give - I will give my sister the chance for help with her STAR WARS lego set

DAY 6: care for the planet - I will pick up any rubbish I see when going for walks in my town 


Hope these ideas may give others some new things that they may like to try out Smiley Happy

All the best everyone!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Day 1: not worry about spending money on things I enjoy

Day 2: drink more water

Day 3: engage in positive social media


simple but targeted goals I hope hahaa!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Thanks @Lost_Space_Explorer5 love this thread! Heart


Day 1: Be active - attend another of my favourite yoga classes. 

Day 2: Connect - organise a time to spend with friends/loved ones. 

Day 3: Take notice - take a walk without using my phone to better connect with the environment around me. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Uhh so trying day 1 and 2 were checked off for me, although I'm not sure I got the full 5 mins of mindfulness Smiley LOL but now I can't figure out what's something new I could try... Hmmm I'm watching a TV series I haven't watched before, does that count...

Ooh I know, I will wear my pyjama top backwards.. How that is self care I don't know.. Maybe it's showing my brain I can change things and nothing bad will happen... hmm

How is everyone else going with their self care challenges?! Smiley Happy


edit: turns out wearing my pj top backwards was a more stressful task than anticipated.... Cancel that idea

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Day 1: Do a face mask, seeing as I bought them ages ago and still haven't done them Smiley LOL
Day 2: Record my voice, to see how good I sound, and learn what I really sound like... 0.0
Day 3: Possibly make a song cover, to cure my boredom. Once that is done, I will share it with people who need some lovely sound. Heart
Day 4: Learn how to sand furniture, then paint it, and sell it. Smiley Happy

Not exactly self care, but it makes me feel good. Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 thats awesome to hear about day 1 and 2! even if the mindfulness wasn't completed in 5 minutes, it was still engaged in. Which is a victory in of itself Smiley Happy it does sound like something new when watching a different tv series haha Smiley Very Happy 


I wonder what new challenges you may come up with soon Smiley Very Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

How is everyone going with their challenges?