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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Hey! So this is a little different but I hope it’s ok.
In our house we have this little spot unofficially called the “quiet comfy spot”, it’s just this corner in our study with a big floor cushion and a heap of cushions and blankets and it was set up during peak WFH, and it’s just a spot we can just chill listen to music or do a meditation etc. I don’t really use it much and it’s about to be deconstructed to make space and hopefully we can move it somewhere else. My challenge is to sit there at least once a day this week and listen to music or read, or something else peaceful.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Milkninja222 thanks for asking! I've done well I think, I haven't worried about "splurge" or "essential" purchases, and I've been drinking lots of water as it's 37c here!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Tay100 Thats awesome! Its always good not to be stressing about money haha 

I can sympathise with your dilemma on the heat and water Smiley Tongue

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Saltwaterdreamtime I love this idea! Unfortunately my house is quite small living with my family, and I find it so hard to get time in for meditation/down time/stretching due to the limited space but you're "quiet comfy spot" sounds absolutely perfect!! I think it's a perfect goal to have for your week, and to even put myself to the test I am going to motivate myself to create something small for me to do it alongside you! Hopefully you are able to receive some peace from this daily ritual Heart

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Thanks @Kaylee-RO My partner set up in our old house when she started working from home as a self care activity and then we just set up again after we moved house. Like I said we are running out of space and will have to dismantle it and find somewhere else because it’s a really cool little spot. I like it but don’t spend enough time there. It’s a cosy alternative to hanging out on the couch or something! You could set one up in your room maybe? I might take a photo of it later. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Saltwaterdreamtime OMG please do! I love the idea of a quiet spot, been wanting to set up one myself but I don't have a lot of space in my room and I have housemates so the rest of the house is out of the question. Now I'm thinking maybe the tiny space between my closet and my bed will work!


I'm a bit late to the party but here's my list:

DAY 1: be active - I'll go for a run in the sun!

DAY 2: take notice - I'll be more mindful of my thoughts and feelings

DAY 3: keep learning - abstract art it is!

DAY 4: connect - I'll call my sister and maybe do something with her

DAY 5: give - I'll cook something for my housemates

DAY 6: care for the planet - I'll do a no buy month and see how I go (may or may not have done this and failed miserably Smiley Tongue)



Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@November13 @Kaylee-RO would it be cool if I made a seperate thread around this little space and how to DIY, even if your bedroom/small space??? Saves hijacking this thread.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Saltwaterdreamtime Aw absolutely! I am sure so many people have the same issue around small spaces & I bet lots of people have some creative ideas too that they could post photos of or give ideas around Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@Kaylee-RO alright, mad, well tonight I’ll make it. Try and get some photos before we have to move it.

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

How is everyone going with their self-care challenge?


Thank you @Lost_Space_Explorer5  for starting this post. 


My upcoming days will (hopefully) look like this Smiley Tongue


Day 1: finish a 20minute full-body workout at home

Day 2: be more in tune with my thoughts/ emotions rather than being on autopilot all-day

Day 3: write in my journal 


Will give updates on how I go!