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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Day 1: Go for a run

Day 2: Body scan meditation

Day 3: Read something interesting

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

Thanks for taking the time to start this thread Smiley Happy

Day 1: Connect - With myself! And tell myself it's okay not to be okay until it becomes a tattoo in my skull
Day 2: Keep learning - Do some extra research on jobs that I want to apply for, since my current one depresses me
Day 3: Be active - No couch potato 3 days in a row!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

I hope everyone's challenges are going well! I love this, I feel like it really gives an overall goal/focus for each day.


I'm hoping my next 3 days will look like this:

Day 1: take notice – be more present in the conversations I'm having and the tasks I'm completing

Day 2: connect – I will reach out to some friends and my grandparents who I haven't seen in a while and check in on them to see if they need anything

Day 3: give – I will ask my family members if there's anything I can do to help them e.g. any chores or things to do to prepare for the week

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Self-care challenge

@celestialdreamer I love the idea of reaching out to extended family and helping out with immediate family- family is a great self-care theme. Very wholesome!