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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

I've become really interested in learning about human physiology! I started studying it this year as part of my uni course, and something about learning about the muscles/bones of the human body and realizing that I have these muscles inside of me and have never thought about it before is really fascinating to me! 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

Something that really interests me is theatre. I'm a crazy drama kid at heart Heart

Every aspect of the theatre fascinates me - from all the things you can see like the acting and lighting, all the way to the tech, management and direction of a show behind the scenes. I don't think a lot of people realise how purposeful every action is! I need to spend more time reading plays. I used to do this a lot in the past but uni has gotten a little in the way. My goal is to reacquaint myself with Shakespeare and hopefully be able to recite some monologues like I used to. 


@marlee cool! I love learning about anatomy as well. I don't study it at uni but I could listen to people tell me about it all day!!! Maybe I should change my course Smiley LOL

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

Spent so much time talking about myself that I forgot to add a fun fact Smiley LOL


@ecla34ok get this - in Switzerland, it is illegal to own 1 guinea pig! You're allowed to own 2 or more but not 1! Sounds odd at first but I did a bit more research and found out that it is because guinea pigs are social animals so this law ensures that they are not neglected :')