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Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you?


Hey guys! Smiley Very Happy Time for another Weekly Wellbeing activity!


For this activity I thought it could be super wholesome to share random things that make us happy or that we find interesting Smiley Happy


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It could be a book series you love that no one else you know has read, a period in history you know lots of trivia about, or an article you found on a Wikipedia spiral at 3am Smiley Tongue


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Whatever it is, this is a space to just have a bit of a rant about a certain fact or topic and just have a bit of fun talking with each other about it Smiley Very Happy Heart


For example:
Snails have thousands of super tiny teeth. Why so many?!? That's so disconcerting Smiley LOL



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We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

@ecla34  This is such a great thread! I was just looking up fun facts and read that the moon experiences moonquakes. Smiley Surprised

One of my 'special topics' is the role of ninja/shinobi. I did my extension history project on it in high school and knew virtually every reliable source of information about ninja at the time. When I did my project, there was limited research on ninja. I think I still have the second hand sources I used in my room. I learned a lot of new things and I was surprised to find a lot of things I thought I knew about ninja were wrong.
I also know some things about the Sengoku period of Japanese history, because that is when ninja were most active.
Another topic I know a lot about is forgiveness as I did my honours project on it. Did anyone know that people can be 'primed' to make a decision about whether to forgive someone? Even just reading that people can change over time is enough to make someone more likely to forgive someone who has transgressed against them in the past. In my research, I found that people who believe that they have good quality relationships with other people in their life are less likely to have feelings of forgiveness towards someone who has transgressed against them, and this is not affected by the type of relationship they had with them (e.g., a friend, family member, romantic partner).

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

@ecla34 cheers for creating this!

I've been really trying to learn AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language), just for conversational purposes and to learn something new whilst in lockdown, it's been very stimulating and a great way to be introduced and immersed in Deaf culture!


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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

This is cool!!

I’m really into the outdoors, in particular, building outdoor spaces that make people happy, this is my job but also something I love doing and if money was no object, I’d do it for free. I like learning about what goes well with different plants and what wildlife exist in the area too, that is actually one of my favourite parts of the job is not just seeing the people happy but the birds and wildlife happy in the space too. I’ve just finished on a bit of a project about half an hour from my house, nearby a lake, and one of the best parts about that job was having the ducks and birds join me while I worked. I can now identify different birds types etc as well as plants (obviously because it’s my job to know that stuff). From this I like teaching other people about what I know, myself and my family head on a walk each day and most of the time we end up chatting about what type of bird that is, or what that plant is called. We’ve just moved into a new house and myself and small human sat on our front porch today for breakfast and watched the birds in the front garden, it was rather peaceful, until someone started repeating the bird noises in my ear... 
Along the same kind of line but I also love surfing and the ocean. The deep water is one of my favourite places to be.
When I have time (and pending real estate approval)  I’m going to add some more plants and do up our back yard a bit as it is just grass and 1 tree. 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

I just bought a bunch of random snacks that I've never tried today and it made me feel oddly happy haha. I guess I just love to try new foods. Also literally anything creative, just the feeling of being completely free aahhhh Man LOL

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

At the moment I'm just so interested in writing! @ecla34 any spare minute I have I'm writing poetry or pitching article ideas to publications and writing things up. I'm also heaps into my ancestry at the moment which has been super interesting (and gives me inspo for writing too) 


You have all been into such interesting things!! I enjoyed reading through everyones responses Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

@Saltwaterdreamtime  oohh surfing, I'm so jealous, and a great way to engage in joyful movement and immerse yourself in water too


@November13 I relate t this, I tried a new brand and flavour of chips and I feel like I uncovered a goldmine!


@Bre-RO  what kinda ancestor research are you doing? Are you using any particular tools?


@WheresMySquishy your thesis sounds so engaging! I did a similar thing with empathy, actually!

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

Great to hear everyone's interests. I am particularly fascinated with @Tay100 's motivation to learn AUSLAN! That sounds incredible and I definitely think it's a skill that we need more of. 


May seem strange or boring to some, but I love organising!! Netflix just released a new show on Netflix called The Home Edit which I watch religiously Smiley LOL 

Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

@h0peful aww thankyou! Yes, I love the Home Edit too! They are truly immaculate and they really inspire me to do an all or nothing organisational approach lol


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: What interests you? :)

Baking has been making me so happy during isolation. Feel like it’s something completely different from what I normally do (study and work all the time) and I’ve definitely brushed up on my skills 🤩