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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday Activity- 2nd Jan 2019

@unwind you can never be late to Wellbeing! Smiley Happy
I hear what you're saying about the toughest part! Heart
And I identify with some aspects of what you're saying, particularly as @gina-RO said about identifying with recovery not being linear (I've come to the thought that recovery from anything is rarely linear) and that a journey is a better-suited adjective.
I absolutely love that you changed the second question to suit you and how you are moving forward! I think that's such a genius idea! And am proud of you for being able to recognise that while it may not feel like you've moved forward, in actual fact you have because you can identify that recovery isn't a straight line so to speak.

@gina-RO I hear you! I think that could also be a fear that a lot of people can identify with in some way x
I tend to agree that being 'fixed' is unattainable and unrealistic. I love how you are moving forward! So important to have an arsenal of tools in our belt! Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Wellbeing Wednesday Activity- 2nd Jan 2019

(so I haven't been paying attention these and am shamelessly going to update them all weeks after they were first shared Smiley Tongue)


So many amazing thoughts about recovery and personal reflections on our own journeys Smiley Very Happy

Something tough about recovery... for me it's that I've been on that "first step" for a few years. And it's hard being stuck there.
How I moved forward? Well... I'm still trying. But this week (so recent Smiley Tongue) I finally went into Headspace so... small steps.