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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday Self-care kits

@Bananatime04 don't worry, I feel the same way! I got my Wreck This Journal about seven years ago and I have only completed about four pages because I'm too afraid of messing anything up and regretting it later! Smiley LOL I love the concept and seeing other people's creations, though!

I have (items around my room that I should one day put in a box together):
- A tub of kinetic sand I got this week -- I absolutely love it, and I play with it all the time, haha.
- A fidget cube.
- Homemade slime making kit (plus some homemade slime that's probably off now, haha).
- Sticker colouring books -- colouring really sets off my anxiety tbh (fear of making a mistake) but the books where you 'colour' with stickers by putting them in the matching numbers are amazing!
- Journals for notes -- also, I've been getting into journaling a positive thing that has happened every day, with an app on my phone (having it in a book is nicer, but on your phone is so much more accessible and convenient!).
- Bath bombs!
- Glitter jars (I should really make some more!).
- Cat toys, because playing with my cat is self-care. Heart
- Any book I'm reading at the moment!
- My headphones, to watch Netflix or listen to some music.
- Peppermint tea.
- Photos + collection of items from some cool memories.
- Squishies! 


Re: Wellbeing Wednesday Self-care kits

Thanks for sharing everyone. It is great to see some of the ideas that you all have Heart

I have things scattered around my apartment rather than a box.. but they include:

- Chocolate
- Face masks
- Stress and lavender spray
- Meaningful messages I have received

I also rely on a few activities for self-care (I wish I could put them in a box):
- Gym
- Playing video games
- Reading

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday Self-care kits

@Bee  thanks so much for starting this activity, I think it's one of my favourite ever Wellbeing Wednesdays!


I really love the idea of having a tangible box, or place in your home for wellbeing stuff. I have loved reading everyone's different ideas, @Bananatime04 , @xXLexi_Lou122Xx , @Tay100 ,you've seriously inspired me.


My ideas are: 


* Some gardenia-scented handcream I just bought myself, it's my favourite flower and also reminds me of my mum (they're her favourites too), I love having a quick hand massage and it's such an easy self-care thing for me to do!


* My collection of Polaroid photos of my family and pets - the camera we have used to be my father in law's, and it feels really special to still be using it (he passed away a long time ago) and we have a great collection of photos now that bring back heaps of good memories. 


* My old iPod that I barely use anymore but can't bring myself to throw away because it has 12 years worth of my old favourite playlists and sentimental songs


* I love the idea of cat toys! I'd put our weird grooming mitt thing in, we use it to pat our cats and it also helps get rid of their shedding fur - they are both white and even though they're just short haired cats they shed like crazy! 


I found this GIF and it freaked me out because it looks so much like our kitties! They also spend a bit of time play fighting. 


Image result for white cat gif


* Scented  candles


* My paper journal


Image result for self care gif



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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday Self-care kits

Aww Janine-RO, that's so good to hear!