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Re: What am I doing today?

- Finish work
- Check forecasted swell for the new few days including weekend
- Finish trade school work
- Go for a swim
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Re: What am I doing today?

I got as far as cooking food that I can freeze and use for uni days. Now I give up on the rest. I don't even want to go to work.

Re: What am I doing today?

I lied, I did some gardening, now I'm trying to tell big ted to study for me but all he does is sit there and look really comforting, so I hug him Smiley Tongue

Re: What am I doing today?

@loves netball Big Ted hugs are always good Smiley Very Happy


My goals for tomorrow:


- Go for a walk (hopefully it won't rain)

- Do a load of washing

- Go to my doctors appointment

- Actually tell uni I'm taking intermission this year

- Make sure I eat lunch and dinner (breakfast is easy; it's later in the day when I struggle)

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Re: What am I doing today?

What sort of nerdy things @Ben-RO???

@loves netball if I could just get all my teddies to read my textbooks (that I haven't even bought yet) and then tell me the important bits before bed then studying would be so much easier! Smiley Tongue At least they're there for a cuddle Smiley Happy

My goals for tomorrow is one simple one:
1. Pay full (or most) attention in at least ONE of my classes tomorrow (either the lecture or the tutorial)

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Re: What am I doing today?

@lokifish have I mentioned that I love Big Ted, a lot!? Smiley LOLSmiley Very HappySmiley Tongue




-Gym (weights and see if I can do more than 6 chin ups yet)

-Uni and study

-See younger sibling

-Possibly make brownines


-hug big ted


Re: What am I doing today?

Have to changes most of my plans and have a rest day Smiley Sad

Re: What am I doing today?

Sometimes you just gotta rest and recharge @loves netball and that's okay and just as important as our busy days!



Re: What am I doing today?

Hrrrm what am i doing today....


  • Exercise - done
  • Reply to lots of emails - done
  • Check the community and see how everyone is doing- done
  • Go to clinical supervision  - Done
  • Learn abotu concentration and attention - done
  • Write up and send around notes from yesterdays brand study
  • Meet with my boss to talk through next steps for the community
  • Get dressed up and go to dinner
  • See a musical
  • Sleeeeeeep

Re: What am I doing today?

@Ben-ROI don't do rest days if I can avoid them, everything just falls apart, so I've gone to the gym (did weights), and now I'm at uni for an hour to make sure I do prep for Monday