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Re: What am I doing today?

Today I'm sick Cat Sad So today I'm going to...

  • Sleep. A lot.
  • Drink all of the water.
  • Eat all of the oranges.
  • Sleep some more.
  • Email my English teacher with the thing that's due, and apologize for not being there.
  • Also email my media teacher.
  • Sleep.
  • Maybe do some homework but probably not.

Re: What am I doing today?

Hope you get better soon @roseisnotaplant!

Re: What am I doing today?

@roseisnotaplant hope you feel better soon Heart


My to-do list for today:


- Go for a walk (Done!)

- Have a shower (Done!)

- Renew my library books (Done!)

- Call student services at TAFE

- Start my Youth Allowance claim (ugh)

- Cook dinner

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: What am I doing today?

Today I am....

Stocking up on more codral - I'm going to need it
Doing some paperwork for business
Grabbing some lunch from down the road - no idea what???
Maybe booking in a headspace app but not sure yet
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: What am I doing today?

Omg i need this in my life @roseisnotaplant. I am going to try to do this every day for a week to see if it helps me be less all over the place Smiley Tongue


Is it okay if i do this with you guys? I guess it could be a good way to know more about random stuff we're doing for thecommunity Smiley Happy


Tomorrow i am going to:


  • Sleep in a little bit because i need to work late
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Do 30 minutes of programming lessons
  • Check the parent's forums
  • Check our forums
  • Check comments on the site
  • Check my to do list and plan out the next few days a bit more carefully
  • Update the welcome email list thing
  • Do a project closure report for the Builders project and book in a lessons learned meeting.
  • Run the Cybermate chats
  • Cook a tasty dinner
  • Go to bed by midnight and actually practice sleep hygiene so i sleep good Smiley Tongue

Re: What am I doing today?

Ooo interesting @Ben-RO thanks for sharing, I'm going to try and do this everyday too.


Tomorrow I will...



- Get up early enough to have a decent breakfast

- Work all day

- Contact a potential customer who I haven't heard from in a bit

- Go to mentoring (first time back for the year!!)

- Make something nice for dinner, with enough for left overs

- Go for a swim at some point 


//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: What am I doing today?

I hope you both feel better soon @roseisnotaplant and @j95 


@lokifish ugh Centrelink is the did you go with getting your youth allowance sorted? 


@Ben-RO You are so busy omg Smiley Tongue


@roseisnotaplant This thread really helped me to be more motivated to do stuff the other day, thanks so much for starting it! Smiley Happy


For tomorrow:


- Remmeber to brush my teeth and put on CLEAN clothes and eat breakfast

- Pack everything that I'll need for class and tmrw night 

- Finish any of the work that I don't get around to tonight

- Go to my biology tutorial and try really hard to challenge my safety behaviours 

- Stay somewhere safe and non-triggering over lunch break

- Go to my other class and participate as much as I can

- Let both my tutors know about my preferred name and ask if I can use it in class


Re: What am I doing today?

Tomorrow I hope to:


-Get up early for a run before it gets too hot (may set like 10 alarms)

-See my case manager and actually talk to her and not walk out like last week (oops)

-Possibly go get a smaller size mouth guard (I swear by little means my teeth are little too and I can't get the current one to stay in)!

-Go to uni and watch some lectures (and not cry)

-Go to netball

-Footy training

-Drinks lots and lots of water

-Hopefully go to bed by 10am 

Re: What am I doing today?

@Ben-RO if I had a list as long as that I would not even get out of bed Smiley Tongue


This actually makes me stick to the lists I write!!

Re: What am I doing today?

Oh dear i actually cut stuff off the list @loves netball @DruidChild hahaha eep! I think i have already learned something from writing down the list.... i need to do less stuff! Smiley Tongue