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What are you grateful for this past year?

Just to get a conversation started, here are some things I'm grateful for


1. Family and their good health

2. My sister's significant improvements in her battle with depression and anxiety

3. My loving boyfriend who treats me so incredibly well and knows exactly how best to support my family and myself 

4. My group of friends and the effort we have all made to stay close when spread out to different universities 

5. Being fortunate to have life's basics: food, water, shelter 

6. Thankful for my dad finding a new job and the smooth transition for the family into our new home 

7. My religious community at my last church and my new church who have always been there for me, serving as my second families

8. Loving studying Psychology at university and doing well so far 

9. Having the resources and support I need as well as being able to help others

10. Lastly, this wonderful new community I have joined recently. I read through the posts and am loving learning about everyone, knowing I have yet another support network online, and the fact that I have the ability to reach out to more people who need help too. <3 

Re: What are you grateful for this past year?

Great thread @ayrc_1904! I hope your sister continues to improve. I wish you health, happiness and success in the new year! Smiley Happy

This year, I'm grateful that I've made lots of supportive new friends and been able to make a difference in people's lives.