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What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hi everyone, 


I wanted to start this thread for a couple of reasons. The first is that I am interested about what people get up to in their day because I like hearing about what other people do and it helps distract me. The second is that it helps me me to see that even if it is something small, I am being productive in my day and that I am capable. 


So basically - how it works is like this:


Tell me 1 or 2 things you have done today or are planning to do and why you want to do it/why you did it? It can be a mix of both or just one!


I'll go first - 


1 - This morning I made a phone call to headspace to get information about therapy groups I am going to next week so that I can have more support and distractions from negative thoughts during my weeks to come and also have things to look forward to. 


2 - Today I plan to do clothes washing and clean my room because the clutter has been stressing me out so it is time to fix it. 



It doesn't matter if you write something that you plan to do and you don't end up doing it. Try to do a mix of both so that you can see that you are achieving things in your day. Oh - and you don't have to limit it to just 2 - you can just tell one or more! 


I hope this thread helps. <3 


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Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

What a great post @mspaceK 


So I got off to a slow start today but here's what I plan to do...


1. I'm going to go to the gym today - I try to go to the gym as often as I can because it makes me feel positive about myself and allows me to relax and focus on what I am actually doing at the gym for a good hour or so. So it's like a little escape for me.


2. Today is also my chore day. As I have the day off work, I am going to do some washing, grocery shopping and cleaning. While I don't find these activities very exciting, they have to be done and it also makes me feel good and organised when they get done.


Keen to hear other people's activities for the day!

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hey @mspaceK. I'm busy right now, but I'll come back on tomorrow morning. I have school tomorrow, so I gotta get sleep... I'll reply tomorrow. Xx

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hey everybody! 

Today I am planning to:

1. Learn to cook/bake something! It's one step closer to being healthy and learning how to cook healthy food!

2. I want to organise my vanity and makeup. It needs a bit of a declutter, there's a bit of old stuff that I don't want anymore.

3. i want to go for a run on the treadmill today. I might watch a few episodes of the office while i'm at it. I want to do an hour, so 3 episodes shall suffice!

Have a good day today!

love and hugs, 


Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

That sounds like a really good day ahead of you @blobby  thank you for sharing. Smiley Happy


1. Today I am going to the movies with friends which I have a free ticket for because my friend is amazing. I haven't been to the cinemas in a long time so I am looking forward to it. 

2. I intend to rest and to give myself a break to try and reduce the pressure i've been placing on myself. I might read my book, watch a movie, play my computer or video games or maybe even just sleep. Just chill if I can. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Great idea @mspaceK! Good job on making that step to contact headspace about therapy, it will really help and provide a distraction to you, it makes me happy seeing others taking that initiative to get help because it’s really not the easiest thing to do! 


Even though I tend to leave my room a mess for periods at a time, once I’m feeling in the mood there is nothing better and more rewarding that cleaning and decluttering your room! Smiley Happy


1. This morning I am at my GP for a check-in appointment after 3 weeks of therapy. It’s been a rough couple of weeks but I’m glad I reached out for support.


2. I will be hanging out with my boyfriend tonight and catching up on some of our favourite movies, which I have been looking forward to! 


Thank you for starting this thread, it’s great to see what everyone else gets up to and has also helped to distract me as well Heart

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Really good job on going to your "check in" appointment @blissfulhope .I am proud of you for doing that. Smiley Happy i should probably do the same thing tbh. Haven't quite got the motivation right now though. I really hope you enjoy your night with your boyfriend and watching movies Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing too. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

@blobby That sounds like a great day ahead! It is also one of my goals to learn how to cook. I look forward to hearing about what you cook/bake Smiley Very Happy 


I also really need to declutter my makeup, it is an absolute mess that I have just neglected for too long haha. Decluttering will feel great afterwards!


hope you have a great day!


Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

love this @mspaceK! it is a great way to motivate yourself too by seeing other people doing things!


@blissfulhope sounds like an awesome day! good on you for going for a catch up Heart


1. This morning I got up and went for a 40 min walk with my cousin which was nice

2. I am heading to a doctors appointment now for vaccinations because my friend is having a baby very soon! 

3. I am working from 2-10pm tonight Smiley Happy 


Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

i hope you do as well @blissfulhope !

i'm going to cook a dinner tomorrow night with my brother, we are making chicken cacciatore and Italian chocolate puddings for dessert (going back to the roots I guess haha), but I will post some photos up tomorrow when we say what we've done. 

@mspaceK the movies sounds fun! what movie are you going to see?

@lennycat2017 reward yourself with something after your vaccinations! I'm having my meningococcal next tuesday. Chocolate's a good idea! But its so exciting that your friend is having a baby! Give it lots of cuddles!