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Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

@lennycat2017  Good luck with your vaccinations! I know they are so important. They also scare me so much, haha, I am a sook when it comes to needles. I get so fainty. Good on you for going on a such a long walk. It's great to get exercise like that. There is a lake near where I live that I like to walk around. You have inspired me to want to do that again soon. 


@blobby I can't wait to hear about how your dinner goes Smiley Happy I am going to see the Avengers. Also good luck on your vaccinations. eep - so scary!! 


Congrats on the new baby too <3 so exciting. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Today I am going to study a bit and work on my assignments. I will also go to the gym today and attend some fitness class Smiley Happy 


Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Baking sounds fun 🤩 @blobby 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Great thread @mspaceK!

Today was a lazy day for me because I was tired after going to the movies on the long weekend and going to a volunteer training session yesterday. So I slept in! Then I did some exercise at home. Later on, I'm going to play some video games.

Some of my family members might be coming over either tomorrow or the weekend. I can't wait!

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

What video games have you been playing @WheresMySquishy ? 


Today I have had a lazy day at home playing on my computer and the ps4. I stayed in my room to avoid my father who had come over for lunch to see my sibling which i didn't want to happen. But he is gone now so I am happy. 


I made a yummy roast sweet potato and salad lunch and have been eating skittles all day. 


Tonight I plan to play video games with my boyfriend when he gets here Smiley Happy we are planning on starting a co op game together as a way to bond and just have fun because we both love video games. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

@mspaceKA lot! I just finished Yokai Watch 3 (just been doing the post-game and collecting rare Yokai) and now I need to finish a lot of other games, mostly on the PS4. I have a lot of games that are mostly halfway or just over halfway complete like Kingdom Hearts III, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Okami on the Switch. We've also been playing the Bowser's Inside Story remake (we finished the original many years ago) and I forgot how funny it is although it can be frustrating at times! Our Switch is kind of getting neglected lately. Smiley Sad What games have you been playing?

I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting to avoid family members.

I know a lot of good co-op games, especially on the Switch, like Overcooked, Snipperclips, Kirby Star Allies and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime! I've played them with my sister. I remember taking the Switch when I visited her in hospital so that we could play them together. We've also played a lot of the Playlink games together on the PS4.

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

I marched for ANZAC Day, had a huge family lunch, played minecraft, and went to my grandparents for dinner.

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

I absolutely love Overcooked @WheresMySquishy  Smiley Happy I have been playing that with people recently. I don't have a Switch but I really love Super Mario like games. I'm saving up for a switch eventually Smiley Happy 


Today I am planning on going to work later for my shift because I have been rostered and I really need to work. I haven't worked in a week! 


And tonight I plan to go for a swim for at least 30 minutes because I would like to do some exercise if I can. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hi @mspaceK did you end up swimming? It's one of my favorite exercises but you reminded me I haven't swum in ages


Today I planned to write a part of an essay I really didn't want to write. It is due on wednesday but because I don't want to write this one I am trying to do small bits over a couple days because It's easier to motivate myself to do parts than write the whole thing


Today I also took my dog on a really long walk while I listened to a podcast. I find going outside is a really good way to clear my mind and I was getting into procrastinate space. When that happens I like to do something completely different and come back instead of trying to keep working. Sometimes I think my mind wandering is it telling me it needs a break!


Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

@mspaceK  We love playing games like Super Mario too! We also love playing all of the Mario Party games although we like some better than others. I'm excited for the new Pokemon games coming out on the Switch as well as all of the upcoming games. We also like playing a lot of detective/mystery games like Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Danganronpa, Professor Layton, etc.

I was tired and not feeling well so I slept in today. My poor sister almost fell out of her bed and couldn't get back in for two hours. She tried to wriggle back in but couldn't due to her mobility problems. I was so tired that I slept through the drama so she had to stay halfway off the bed until our parents came back because she didn't have her phone next to her. It's kind of sad but funny at the same time. Later, I did some exercise and watched some movies on TV.

Tomorrow we are getting visitors! I'm excited!