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Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hey @Tasi . I did go for a little swim yesterday which I was happy with myself for doing. Smiley Happy 

Doing small parts of your essay sounds like a really good idea! I hope it is being helpful for you. I know when I used to do essays I would do the same thing. Dot point out ideas and write little bits and then come back to it when my brain was mentally prepared more. Smiley Happy


Hey @WheresMySquishy - I haven't really played many pokemon games in my life except for this one from memory way back on a game boy. It is so long ago now that I actually don't remember very much at all. 

I'm sorry to hear about your sister's situation. That sounds rather awful, whilst I can see how it can be a little amusing. I hope you enjoy your visitors coming tomorrow Smiley Happy 


Today I went to work early in the morning and was a bit sick so I had to leave early and come home. I spent the rest of the day resting in my room, chatting on RO, playing computer games and reading. Tonight I ate dinner with my housemate and then watched some shows on netflix. I think I will have a shower and head off to bed and try and get some good sleep. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Today I went to work even though I felt sick and I didn't have to go home early thankfully. When I got home I played a video game and hung out on RO for a while. Then I decided to have a shower and a nap because I felt sick and exhausted. Now I am playing games on my computer and talking to people. So even though I have felt sick, it has been a semi-chill day. 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx @WheresMySquishy @Tasi @DIVYA @blobby 


What did you all do today? 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

@mspaceK  I went to the gym in the morning, then I went out for breakfast. I also did a bit of studying todaySmiley Happy 


Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Today I had my cousin over, she’s turning seven soon, so she’s a bit of a handful! I’m absolutely beat!

I also did some French on Duolingo, read over my lines for my musical that we’re in the process of putting together, got ready for school, washed my hair, watched the office, cut my toe, and signed my papers for my new school!
hope you all had a great day!
love and hugs,
blobby Smiley Happy

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Oh @blobby . That is so cool! I am also learning French on duolingo Smiley Very Happy 


Tres Bien! 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?



Today I played netball and I did a bit of study and hung out with my partner.


You guys seemed like u had productive days! I used to do Duolingo in Spanish but I haven't for a while... u reminded me I should start up again 😊

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Also @mspaceK I are starting to feel better!

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

That's all so cool everyone!
Ouch @blobby! A cut toe? How'd you do that?
I'm going to get ready for school, English, Maths, Morning tea, PBL, Lunch/Gym, and then Science. Then I'll come home and hang on RO

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Sounds like a very busy day ahead of you @xXLexi_Lou122Xx . Oh and thank you @Tasi . My tummy seems to be feeling a bit better!


I just woke up and it's time for me to pack my bag and get ready for work. I have a split shift today working 6 hours in total. Then after work I'm going to see my mum and sibling and eat some wedges. Then I'll head home and watch new episodes to a tv show, probably play my computer for a bit and then have an early night to sleep. 


I had a little bit of trouble falling asleep last night because my mind was so active and i didn't really have pleasant dreams. Smiley Sad but I'm still holding out hope that today will be a good day. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

YUMMY WEDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That sounds like a good day ahead of you.
I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. Smiley Happy