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Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hello everyone! Today I have been in bed just resting and trying to recover. I have an infection in one of my internal organs and that explains why I have been so unwell recently. I am on antibiotics and I have follow up appointments next week. Hopefully I am on the mend! 


I plan to stay at home and either read my book, watch TV, a movie or play video games..basically anything that doesn't involve moving too much because I have been getting shooting pains. Smiley Sad 


I do want to look up some recipes for food I want to try and cook once I am up and about and better. And I want to talk to my KHL counsellor today if she is available too *fingers crossed*. 


What about you? @blobby @DIVYA @xXLexi_Lou122Xx @WheresMySquishy @lennycat2017 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

That's great to hear @mspaceK. Getting better is always good.

I wish I could say the same for me tho...
I've constantly been throwing up, from the stress of drama llamas... weirdly enough, only at school... that's were I have a lot of stress, but I'm trying to stay away from those people and do sewing club, but it won't take away the pain and stress I feel there. Oh well. I'm alright now.

I just went to church this morning, and straight after that I went to a family friend's child's birthday lunch. I got back home an hour ago, so I'm very tired.

I'll be going to my grandparents for dinner, and watching Bondi Rescue after we eat.

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx  - all that throwing up sounds stressful. I know being sick is very unpleasant. I hope you begin to feel better soon. 


I hope you enjoy the show and the meals Smiley Happy


I've just been home resting and playing games and chatting to people. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Sounds good @mspaceK.
I'm really glad to hear your feeling better now.
Playing games sounds like fun. I'm just about ready to take a snooze. But dinner will be ready soon, so I can't really sleep now.

Yes, it is stressful. I even said to my friends, all of this drama is making me sick. Those were my exact words. At least I'll be busy on Tuesday at both breaks... I have sewing club at first lunch, and Spelling Bee Finals second lunch.

I'll survive... Hopefully without spewing.......

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

Well you know what they say @xXLexi_Lou122Xx ...



I am glad you told them. I hope they will realise that the drama is ridiculous and needs to stop. 


Oh good as - good luck with the final!! And what are you making in sewing club? That sounds like fun Smiley Very Happy 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

heheh... I know where that gif is from @mspaceK! Smiley Wink
The one where Ron's slug curse backfires at him, and he ends up spewing slugs... Gross... Smiley Happy

Ikr. It's actually not my friends that are the problem...
It's those llamas that keep confronting us. They always make up things and tell our siblings that we were doing/feeling a particular way. That gets our siblings worked up and worried, and then start messaging/calling us.
I would explain what happened on Friday, but it would possibly break the guidelines, and I'd probably ramble on and on about it. So, I'll just stop talking about this on this particular thread. =_=

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

That's okay @xXLexi_Lou122Xx . If you need to make a thread about it or want to tag me to talk about it (within the guidelines) then I am very happy to lend my support.  One thing I have learned though is that, through no fault of our own, we can sometimes feel and react to certain things because we have been conditioned to do so. It is something I am learning in my therapy sessions and it explains how the way we think and what we do affects the way we feel. 


Oh - it is indeed that scene. Hehe Smiley Happy I love Harry Potter so much. 


Today I took the day off work again. I am still having terrible pain and it is making me a little bit sad. No one is here either and I have no friends who can come over right now so I am feeling a bit lonely. It will be okay though. I am glad I have people online to talk to and sleep and tv shows today as well as games. I actually don't have work for the next few days. Rest and relaxation this week. 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

That really sucks, having that pain, huh.
Man, I wish I could heal you from it, but that's not within my power.

Maybe I won't make that thread... I've forgotten what I'd call it, and it will be just like my other ones. Nevermind.

Resting is good.

Harry Potter is the best!

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

That's okay @xXLexi_Lou122Xx . I don't want to pressure you into feeling like you should do something. 


Thank you and yes, Harry Potter is amazing Smiley Happy 

Re: What did you do (or going to do) today?

No, I was thinking of it, and because I haven't been online for the last couple of days, I've forgotten what I was going to post. So, I don't need to rn. That's good... I hope.....