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Re: What do I do when centrelink won't help me with jobactive as I am ineligable

@Hicks I empathise with not having enough money and feeling stressed or going without necessities because of that.


I know that sometimes places like local libraries, youth or community centres, or headspace centres have workshops on writing resumes and finding work. Even without experience, a well written resume can really help! Perhaps you could ask teachers from school to be referees for you? 

Centrelink also sometimes has social workers (depending on the centre), perhaps speaking to them about your/your parents' situation could give you some more options? 


I also know that there are organisations who provide discounted or free food; a google search of your state/suburb + food banks/cheap food/discounted groceries could help you find something. 


@j95 That sounds so frustrating!! Medications are so expensive. My best centrelink tip is to phone them at 8am - that way you actually get into the queue - and select the option to speak to the youth and students team. I've got some good help and advice from the specialised youth and students team, stuff that regular employees don't seem to know much about Smiley Happy